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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Blog Has no Title

Pin It just words and a mood.

A boy stood at the turntable watching the sleek, charcoal record turning around and around. The blackened disk glinted in the light from the window as the happy, as well as the Sad, Songs poured from the speakers like a Funeral for a Friend. The small rainbow on the center of the record—MCA’s trademarked logo—turned in an endless Circle of Life as he moved to the rhythm, just a Tiny Dancer, being only five or six years old.

As I’ve looked down through the conduit of years, the songs from one particular artist have become an anthem of my childhood, adolescence, and adultness—a sort of Crocodile Rock playing as a soundtrack as I’ve grown older. To me it seems that music carries within it the power unlock the past moments of our lives, as seen through brown or Blue Eyes of memory. In reality it’s a mixed bag - after all, you'll never know just what images might be spurned up by those familiar notes, but I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues sometimes.

In fact, it was just the other day that I was just listening to my iPod when one of these songs came on. All at once I found myself transported back into another time and place. The best way I could explain it was being akin to the opening of a door and the invitation to step inside. I—for just a moment—had become a Rocket Man; a visitor breaking from the confines of his life. But then suddenly, the moment of Harmony ended—blown out Like a Candle in the Wind—and suddenly it was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road as I found that I was back in the moment I'd started; however, I’m Still Standing.

Odd that this type of thing can happen, isn’t it?

In writing this post, it finds me posing the question: Just what song is your favorite? You know, Your Song? The One by this amazing artist that takes you back? Now, I know that some of you might be prone to not want to answer but I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That. After all, deep inside you is a love this songwriter's music as well...Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Or this morning/afternoon? Would you be willing to share it with the rest of us? After all, it’s no Sacrifice, just a simple word; so Don’t go Breaking My Heart on this one.

But in the end there’s really no pressure to answer this question. If you can’t think of your favorite song just realize that it’s all Hakuna Matata; but if you feel so inclined, go right on ahead and answer, you Honky Cat you.


Shawna said...

Nice EJ tribute post.

For me its a toss-up...the song that makes me happiest in the world is "Caribbean Blue" by Enya. I just want to twirl around and around whenever it plays. However, the song that best captures memories of my childhood is "Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart. I still love that song after all these years....

Chrissy said...

When I was married my husband and I took a trip to London and Paris... When we hit Paris, I was super quiet for obvious reasons... me no speak the language.. We were in a small pub that had a jukebox... he had gotten up and when he came back "California girls" started up.... Yep brought a smile back to my face... We met what ended up to be lifelong friends from Scotland and when we found out they spoke English, there was no stopping me...lol...Oh can't forget "September" by EWF.... that was a reminder that school was starting up...and that summer was ending.

YogaSavy said...

Love the song 'What a wonderful world' by Louis Armstrong. I can hear this song anytime and in any mood and I am back to myself.

novidiac said...

ahhh good ole Reginald Dwight... love that music.

It was just the other day that I had to use Wikipedia to prove to my 6 year old that Crocodile Rock was NOT written by that guy on 'Bob the Builder!!'

Songs do have a magical transporting capability... Vogue will send me straight to TX at 17, while Cat Stevens will always take me to Montreal with my sister, and anything Simon and Garfunkel takes me back to college, dating my husband.

Shannon said...

I have very few early memories from childhood - the more vivid ones begin when I was 8 or 9. However, 1974 - I was 3 and remember singing to "Bennie and the Jets" while riding in the car. Furthermore, 1976 - I was 5 and remember singing to "Don't Go Breaking My Heart." Anybody who grew up in the 70's and 80's...heck, even into the 90's...was somehow influenced by Elton John's music (whether they care to admit it or not). The man is a paradigm.

Favorite track? Simply can't decide, because like you - his musical genius has helped write the story of my life.

Shannon said...

Hmmm...just realized you may not have been asking for 'the song' in relation to Elton John...silly me. I'm pretty divided anyway - I can't possibly settle on any one song...by anybody...I don't think...

Corine said...

WOW.! You never cease to amaze me, Jason. What a totally awesome post! I can see I'm going to have to be careful not to get addicted to reading your blogs agian!!!

I really can't answer this question without some thought... but I know YOU'VE had time to think about it; so... what's YOUR song? You know it isn't fair to ask the rest of us without stating you own? ;D

(I hope I wasn't being a "blond" and missed it in your post. :O If so... please enlighten me. :)

Mamma has spoken said...

Songs are like children, you can't pick a favorite for SO many reasons....

tiburon said...

I had no idea you could put so many Elton John songs in one post!

I have sooooo many songs that take me back. I have tried to compile a soundtrack of my life but there are just too many. A song can come on and I will be transported right back to Kevin's bar mitzvah or Brian breaking up with me. Or 8th grade.

It doesn't matter how old I am - every single time I hear a song off of Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet I am in 8th grade. Any song from the Rocky Horror Picture show and I am a sophomore in high school dressing up like a character for a midnight screening. Anything from Depeche Mode Violator and I am on a road trip to Canada...

I could go on and on...

Sue said...

Fun post!

I have a couple of songs like that, most of them from the time when I met and fell in love with my husband.

Love Can Make You Happy
Grazin' in the Grass
Crystal Blue Persuasion
If You're Going to San Francisco
Hey Jude

From high school:

Just Gimme Some Kind of Sign
Oogum Boogum
59th Street Bridge Song

and many more.


PS. Thanks for visiting my blog via cjane.

MBGITWWR said...

There's an entire playlist for my youth/adulthood. Elton is definitely playing along with some of these various others-
Young years: Narada Collection Vol. 1(roadtrip to Yellowstone), Mannheim Steamroller, Pink Floyd (miniature golf with dad), James Taylor, Carly Simon(driving with mom), Garth Brooks, etc.

Adolescent years: Pearl Jam (idolizing my brother), No Doubt, Weezer, Pure Disco (first kiss), Green Day (idolizing my sister), lifehouse, etc.

Courting years: Enya (my first hubby), Jack Johnson, Michael Buble, Imogen Heap, Cartel (my hubby now), Snow Patrol, Death Cab, etc.

Basically, the list is endless and I've already done some overkill here. :)

Crustacean Queen said...

"This is The Moment" Jekel and Hyde.... but only when my husband sings it!

Cheeseboy said...

Nicely done and very creatively placed song titles. Elton John is my biggest guilty pleasure - but don't tell my buddies.

Kathy V said...

I absolutely love to Crocodile Rock.

Rachel said...

Brilliant post! I honestly can not tell you a favorite because there isn't one. Like all the others who have posted, there are songs that take me back to different times in my life. There is one song though that I absolute do NOT like and that is, "Lady in Red". Shudder. Never ever play that song when I'm around.

Farscaper said...

Wow! I was just thinking about this very thing. I heard 3 "oldies" in a row when I went to the store recently and thought to myself that it felt like being 16 again.

I do have specific memories attached to some songs:
"Seasons in the Sun" (Terry Jacks) I listened to this over and over and over at my babysitter's house on her record player. I think I was in the 2nd grade.

Kenny Rogers, Sons of the Pioneers, Carpenters, Johnny Cash all remind me of long family trips to go camping. These are my dad's favorite groups and what dominated the 8 track tape player.

"Eye of the Tiger" is the FIRST rock song I ever listened to on the radio (I decided to switch from country to rock and asked my brother to help me learn what was "cool") I'm not counting all the Elvis movies I watched with my parents.

80's Depeche Mode, Aha, Erasure, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, OMD, Van Halen, Whitesnake all take me back to when I was a raging teenage hormone. I am immediately back in my 88 Pontiac Grand Prix driving around Phoenix on a cool summer evening with the smell of hot asphalt radiating up from the street and entering through my open window.

The soundtrack to "Phantom of the Opera" could never be loud enough.

Latest addition to my list: Meat Loaf's "I would do anything for love". Takes me back to when I first worked with my husband. At his apartment making props for the 2nd movie we worked on together. The song is awesome and the music video has a vampire, fabric flowing in slow motion, candles and an amazing set. I would live there if I could.

Lori said...

I have goosebumps. EJ is probably one of my all-time favorite artists...when I am in a "mood," he's my go-to person. I don't have a favorite song--they're like Pringles, how can you pick just one? (Or is that Ruffles?) I remember driving in my Dad's old orange VW bug (I guess this is a Dad week, thanks...) and he would have that old tape in and we would be grooving out to one or the other, his hands playing the bass beat on the steering wheel, and all of us crammed in the back seat belting out words we didn't even really get the meaning to at ages 4 and 7...those were the days. Here's to rolling like thunder. ;)

Bits-n-Pieces said...

music just frames our lives, doesn't it? it's like the scrapbook of our mind, recalling memories and moments that meant something. Isn't it wonderful?

Gerb said...

RACHEL!! I have to tell you MY freaky Lady In Red story. That song sort of creeps me out every time I hear it for the vomitous memories it dredges up.

Carrie Stuart said...

I can SO relate to this post, and it would be impossible to pick just one song to be "my" song. Someone else mentioned "Benny and the Jets" and that song totally takes me back to riding around as a little kid with my parents. So does Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs" and "Big Shot" by Billy Joel. One of my biggest joys as a parent has been watching that love of music come alive in my own children. Listening to my 16 year old son struggle and work and finally be able to pound out Billy Joel's "Goodnight My Angel" was a spiritual experience for me...and SO made all the time, hassle and expense worth it. My favorite is 80s music (Hello! Class of 88!) and my husband loves it, too...but it's funny how our ideas of 80s music are completely different. Mine is Tears for Fears, Oingo Boingo, Depeche Mode...where his is AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Def Leppard. Our kids have benefited from both perspectives, I think. (I'm feeling some blog post inspiration coming on now, thanks!) Anyway, if I had to pick one song, my longtime favorite has to be "Is This Love" by Bob Marley. I HAD to have it played to dance with my husband at our reception (19 years ago). Whenever I hear it, it just reminds me that my life is pure bliss, in spite of all the craziness. (Sorry to be so sappy!)

Rachel said...

Gerb! Do tell! Mine has the same affect on me. We'll have to share and compare. ;)

Richard & Natalie said...

TF, You never cease to amaze me. This post is sheer genius.

Alphaville's "Forever Young," Pachelbel's "Canon in D," Ben E. King's "Stand by Me," Depeche Mode's "Somebody," The Scorpion's "Wind of Change" and Led Zepplin's "D'yer Mak'er". But probably my all time fav would be Kenny Loggins "Rainbow Connection". Why? I have no clue. Corny? Most definitely. But I can't help myself.

Wow, I can't believe I just admitted that.

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