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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Pin It Why ‘Four Perspectives’?

Well, as you might guess, having one voice is fine and dandy, having another raises the ante…three makes it all the better, while four is a nice number to share the workload. Hence, it is now shared.

What’s your blog about?

We’d like to think that our blog is about this, that, and the other…but mostly ‘the other.’ While many blogs tend to focus on one person’s family life and struggles, Four Perspectives takes on the viewpoints of life from the vantage point of four different individuals all in different phases of their lives, each going through separate sets of challenges and their proverbial ‘a-ha’ moments in daily living.

We write to connect with our readers and share moments with which we can all relate.

How could I contact you?

Email us at fourperspectivesblog@gmail.com; however, if you’d like to hear from one of us in particular, just mention this choice little tidbit in your subject line and that person will respond to you personally—always a treat.

How do I become a guest blogger?

Sending us a post or a sample of your writing via email is usually the best method; however, it might take us a little while to get back to you— since we all still have regular lives. We ask that posts be true, insightful, humorous, and/or uplifting…after all, who needs another blog about doing laundry and ‘look at how cute my kids and pets are?’ The web is already inundated with those.

One of us will respond to you via email about your post; however, if yours isn’t selected, don’t be offended—it just might not be quite right for us right now. As Aaron Rose once said, “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” If the time is not right for that particular post right now, send us another one—we love diversity.

If you are invited to be a guest blogger, be forewarned that we do reserve the right to edit for clarity, content, grammar, and length. Also, be prepared to submit a photo of yourself and a brief author sketch; you know—something peppy, something snappy…

How do you all know each other?

The Four Perspectives actually started out when three of the perspectives’ lives intersected because of an elementary school—no, we didn’t attend together as kids, we all were just there for various reasons and connected in some way or fashion because of it.

Later, Lori was met though the magical world of the bloggosphere and we all became friends...you know, sticking up for each other on the playground and stuff like that.

Now, here we are...all together.

How can I read entries by just one of you?

Just click the image of the author in the left-hand column and it will summon up all the entries written by that particular Perspective. Kind of convenient, isn't it? OR you can simply click the links at the top with each writer's name...

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You noticed? Great! Want to help us out as your good deed for the day? Even better…
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