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Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupid Farmers

Pin It We set the clocks forward Saturday night and I've been good for precisely nothing ever since then--including getting this post completed and posted in a timely fashion. (Sorry, comrades. :)

While I relish setting the clock back in the fall, for obvious reasons, I have always thoroughly resented this day just before Spring that steals an hour of my sleep and disrupts my body clock for what seems to be the entirety of the following week.

Sure, we get more sunlight in the evening. I'm always inside, though, making supper and doing the dishes, so that means little to me. In the eternal words of Homer Simpson, "stupid farmers." I now have to wake, though, in darkness...just when I was getting accustomed to rising without the aid of an alarm, attuned rather to the early morning sun filtering in through the sheers in my bedroom.

I didn't make things easier on myself this year, as I always promise I will, by going to bed early the night before and being prepared. Nope. I let Autumn have a sleepover, and spent a good portion of Saturday engaged in girlie activities. And then I agreed to fill in as a Sunday School teacher the next morning, and so spent a good portion of Saturday evening panicking and going over notes I'd been preparing for the past week. And then I had planned my Vacation Bible School organizational lunch meeting for Sunday following church, and so spent the tiniest sliver of time I had left before I collapsed with sheer exhaustion cooking and...well,...organizing.

And then I collapsed with sheer exhaustion, only to wake at 6:30 a.m. by the rude call of the alarm. This was when the full reality that it was dark, and would be thus for a while, hit me. I wanted nothing more than to burrow back under my covers and shut my eyes until the sunlight opened them properly, but I couldn't. I had more cooking and organizing and such to do.

I hate waking up when it's dark. Intensely.and.personally.hate.it.

But it's okay. I'll deal with it so the Farmers of America will have an extra hour of daylight with which to plant their crops. (Oh, wait. That was, like, a century ago. Do we still have farmers in America? Or do we just import every blinking thing from Mexico and China?)

I'm totally kidding. I love farmers. In fact, my husband has strict orders to plant a vegetable garden this spring, with all sorts of heritage vegetables and fruits and these lovely white sweet potatoes that I haven't had in years. That, along with the cows and occasional wandering possum, might almost qualify us as farmers, I think. But this whole Daylight Savings Time thing?

So not my idea.


Richard & Natalie said...

It's hard isn't it? We are a little messed up here too. We didn't eat until after 7, I had 2 children in tears from being over tired, and I backed over my son's bike in my exhausted stupor (at least, he wasn't on it!)...So I second your statement- stupid farmers.

Rachel said...

LOL! This is so funny. Growing up we used to say, "Stupid city cousins"......the city cousins would come to visit and they would drive us NUTS I tell ya. Just NUTS! I can remember as a kid sleeping in until EIGHT THIRTY on a Saturday and thinking.....WOW! I slept in.......

Cows gotta be fed and milked!

Now that I live in the "city".....gosh. I sure could use an extra hour of sleep. Stupid farmers......

Chrissy said...

Actually I like this time change... Longer afternoons, my son hates it... The Fall I can't handle, yep the 'short' afternoons- not a good thing...I don't mind waking up in the dark cuz, I usually hit the gym when its dark, no crowds at the gym and its not stinky ....lol

Gerb said...

Every time daylight savings hits I'm ready to move to Arizona. Sunshine AND no time change? Sounds like a piece of AWESOME.

Shannon said...

No daylight savings time here in Tucson, but the changes are just as obvious. We generally get up in the dark anyway, but when it is STILL dark as I walk my husband out to the gate in the morning...bleah. I have been overjoyed as I see the sun setting a bit later as each day goes by...c'mon Spring!!

Alicia said...

or how about moving to Hawaii?
I still get woken by the sun peering through my windows every morning AND the beckoning of the waves on the ocean.
What better way to live?
365 days of sunshine, no time change, and a Great beach weather every season!
E Komo Mai!

Anaise said...

I think we are sisters who were separated by accident.

I hate getting up when it's dark.
I am also making dinner and cleaning up while the evening sun is shining.
I am the bad guy who calls the kids in to eat and start evening routines even though it isn't all the way dark.

We had kids awake and sobbing at 10 pm last night because all their body clocks have gone haywire.

I cried, too.

Change is hard.

Lori said...

Nat--to quote Misty, "oh my heck." The poor bike...

Rach--too funny! I bounced back and forth btw being a city and country cousin--I lived for several years on my Grandpa's farm, but then moved to the city of L'burg, so I've had it both ways. Now I live on a pseudo-farm. I whine over things like DST, but I love it, I have to confess.

Chrissy--the gym and it's still dark? You are my hero, girl.

Gerb, Shannon, Alicia--yall have just taught me something--I never knew that Arizona (or Hawaii, and other places, I'm guessing) did not "do" DST. Why wasn't this taught in science class?! How wild is that? I'm jealous. And I think I could probably handle life in Hawaii, Alicia. Yup. Wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit.

Anaise--you said a mouthful, 'sis.'

Mamma has spoken said...

When my son was in college in Indiana, they didn't do daylight savings time either. It was always confusing for us to remember when/what time it was for him because part of the year it was the same time as where we lived, and the other part it was an hour behind. There were many times we would be late or too early for his football games. Loved how his last year there, Indiana went to daylight savings time. Made our lives so much easier!

Lori said...

Bonnie--wow. I had NO IDEA this was just a "hmm, I think we might..." kind of proposition! I feel so dumb! :)

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