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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Clean Plates & Silverware

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I’m convinced that the world would be a far happier place if we could always start off with a clean plate and new silverware.

The other night a friend and I went out for dinner at an extraordinary restaurant…Chuck-A-Rama. While some may turn up their noses, or proclaim that this restaurant is not the best when it comes to culinary fare, let me rally to its defense.

Cornbread. Where in the world can you get warm cornbread every single day and not have to make it yourself? Fresh, buttered, and drenched in lemon juice?


The smells of two-dozen different things coursed about in the air. Steam wafted up from the freshly-baked rolls, slathered in cinnamon honey butter, the roasted pork ribs drenched in barbecue sauce, and salted fries, just waiting for a proverbial swim in ruby-red ketchup.

Ah, the deliciousness of variety

As my friend and I finished one plate of food and went back for another, we each picked up a sparklingly new plate—clean and fresh, glinting our reflections back at us…new silverware also gleamed under the incandescent lights. When we arrived back at our table a few minutes later, our old plates had been magicked away, as if taken care of by Hogwart’s many house-elves, and a clean table awaited us.

We proceeded through our second plates and decided to go for desert—getting new plates to fill to content with whatever we may: berry medley drizzled over vanilla ice cream and Oreo crumbles, raspberry cobbler, and caramel cinnamon pull-aparts.


As we returned to our table, we immediately noticed that the old plates had been whisked away by some mysteriously silent and unseen power. We sat to an empty table and enjoyed our desert amidst thought-provoking conversation.

Sometime later, when we felt we’d had enough and it was time to leave, we did so.

There was no cleanup, no washing, nothing but the fresh night’s air awaiting us as we made our way to our vehicles and each drove home.

Ah, the thrill of a new plate and a clean table—what a great thing to have.

Image swiped from: http://blogs.citypages.com/


Rachel said...

Sigh......last time he spoke of laundry......this time dishes........next week it will probably be about his kids....how mundane...... ;)

PMC said...

oh this post isn't about dishes silly. it is about magic and cornbread. or was it the magic of cornbread?

i love that place. it is right up there with really good sushi. just don't try to combine the two. they will never ever ever get that right.

dine on!

Richard & Natalie said...

Chuck-a-Rama is a dream come true. Everyone, including the pickiest of eaters, can find something they like to eat and like you said, the dishes are whisked away and clean ones readily available without unloading the dishwasher. Unfortunately, it is a dream I have everytime the chance to go out to eat presents itself- my kids really love it. Thanks for reminding me of the magic that lies within those doors.

Rachel said...

Okay fine. I'll make a real comment. Several months ago we took The Natives to said squat and gobble, Mr. T after getting a second plate of food looked at The SM and I and said, "Where has this place been all my life? Why have you never brought us here before? This is heaven!"

Gerb said...

My favorite thing about Chuck-a-Rama, next to their awesome jingle, is their scones and honey butter.

I'd love to get some new house-elves to whisk away our dirty dishes and replace them with clean ones around here. The ones I have complain too much.

Anaise said...

Magically clean plates and silverware ARE a thrill!

Linn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon said...

This Chuck-A-Rama sounds enchanted - wish we had one in Tucson! As far as house elves, I'm with Gerb...even if mine don't verbally complain, I'm bound to get the famous eye-roll, deep sigh and stale "yyyessss mooooommmmm."

Just SO said...

My kids love Chuck a rama or Golden Corral either one. I mean a place where you can pile your plate high with all the ham and potatoes you can eat while completely skipping the veggies? They about lost their minds at the concept of a dessert bar!

Lori said...

We try to avoid buffets, because Autumn likes to pile a dinnerplate full of nothing but black olives...odd but true.

I love the whole clean plate thing. I'd really love to be able to employ a busboy.

Great post.

Teachinfourth said...

I didn't respond to anyone before now on this post.


Thanks for commenting…and I love to start off with a clean plate.

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