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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Tale

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nce upon a time there was a blogger…

Now, the writer of this blog was exceptionally handsome. One day, this blogger of the blog decided to write a post which would cause his readers to smile. He wanted it to be uplifting and fun.

However, after his day of work - tending to the slaves in the salt mines - the blogger was exhausted. He made his way home and prepared himself to write his post. He turned his computer on and stared blankly at the empty screen. As he watched, the screen would fill up with words that the blogger would write, and then delete.

The blogger did not like the words that he’d written

After several hours of sitting at the computer, the blogger realized that he’d started nearly fifteen different posts, but each and every one of them was trashed. It was a few moments later that the writer of the blog was overcome with a magically-induced enchantment that caused him to become drowsier and drowsier. The blogger could hardly keep his eyes open, and though he fought against it most valiantly, it was of no use. The blogger fell into the enchanted slumber that from which he could only be awakened by his iPod’s alarm that would sound early the next morning.

The blogger slept.

When the alarm did go off, the blogger was still very tired from his night of endless dead-ends with writing. But upon awakening, the blogger was not thinking about his blog, but instead about the Hawaiian Haystacks he'd be having for lunch later that day.

The blogger went about his usual morning routine when suddenly…he remembered the blog that he'd not been able to write the night before!

The blogger panicked. He pulled at his hair wondering how he could have been so short-minded. He hurried to his computer, but alas, the blogger's mindblock remained. The blogger was sad. He closed his laptop and entertained an idea about not blogging for the day at all.

Then the blogger thought of his readers. He knew that his readers would be sad. He did not want to see this happen.

The blogger reopened his laptop, and began to write the first thing that came to his flurried mind - amidst the plans for the slaves at the salt mines which flitted about in his head.

As the blogger wrote, the words flew from beneath his fingertips and lit up the screen. The blogger smiled. His readers would not be disappointed…even if most of them were secret lurkers who had not yet made their presence known unto him—yet the blogger knew that they were there.

The blogger cared.

The blogger published his post at his usual time of eight o'clock.

There were many comments.

The blogger was happy.

So were the readers.

The End.


shoezimm said...

Hope the Hawaiian Haystacks are great and that you are keeping the slaves working busily in the salt mines.

And thanks for caring......I actually stopped by the salt mines last night after running out to the lake but apparently you had let the slaves go for the night because, alas, your chariot was not there.

PMC said...

lol. you were right. i am happy! :)

Richard & Natalie said...

This reader is happy the blogger cares because his post brought a smile to her face. Now that's a fairytale ending indeed.

novidiac said...

I just love happy endings.

Rachel said...

The blogger drives a chariot? I'm even more impressed! I thought it would be more of a wagon. ;)

Well, I'm sorry that the handsome blogger was so over come with fatigue but grateful that he was able to awaken on his own because the highways would have been congested with single young maidens trying to get to the handsome bloggers digs and get dibs on kissing him awake and I had places I needed to go so this is a happy ending indeed!

The End.

Mamma has spoken said...

That was so funny!
Thanks for the laugh!

jayniemoon said...

If you hadn't written "he" and "handsome", I might have thought this was written about me--cause it seems I always start a number of blogs that get trashed. Thanks for persevering for us!

allison nadauld said...

Very clever. Cool blog. I've never checked it out before and it's fun seeing Mel on here. Say hello for me. I'll keep checking back too.

Lori said...

Loved this, Jason! I've done the "write and trash, write and trash" thing a zillion times in the past week...just haven't made it to this level of cool reward. Good for you. I'm stuck! ;)

Teachinfourth said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. To be honest, it was a last-minute ditch effort because I was only able to come up with a great, big, steaming pile of nothing…well, at least not anything that I felt was blogworthy.

Sometimes it's a challenge to come up with original content, whereas on other days it just flows.

I guess I have officially been contracted with the 'blogger's disease' of blogblock.

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