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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sunshine & Wookiee the Chew

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I love art, in all of its forms.  I love watercolor paintings, sidewalk chalk art, magnificent sculptures, famous pieces found in galleries, crayon drawings by my kids, and photography that captures the beauty in the world. In trying to decide what would be my favorite, I couldn't narrow it down to just one.  So I decided instead to share with you my current favorite prints - the ones I plan to have on some walls eventually.

The first one that comes to mind is this print that I found online awhile back.

 Here is one place you can find it.

I personally call it Let the Sunshine In but I don't know who created it, where it came from originally or what it's really titled.  I've done a bit of internet surfing to find where I could purchase this print but I can only find it on blogs and no one gives credit to the original creator.  Can you see why I love it, though?  Just looking at the picture makes me happy.  The girl in the picture is who I want to be, all the time.  Just basking in the sunlight that life has to offer.  And on my days when I'm not feeling sunshiny, I try to be like her, anyway. 

My other favorite prints (yes, there are more than one) are by an artist named James Hance.  Take the timelessness of Winnie the Pooh and combine it with the awesomeness of Star Wars and what do you have?  A fantastically brilliant series of art prints which he cleverly titles based on a story he calls Wookiee the Chew
 print found here

Actually, I would be happy to have any of his prints adorning the walls of my home.  They are clever, adorable and amazingly affordable.  It's simply a matter of planning on my part to make things happen.

What kind of art tickles your fancy?

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