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Friday, August 31, 2012

From Annette

Pin It Jason was the best teacher four of my children ever had. And that's saying something, because my kids have had some really good teachers. What made him so great? He didn't just teach, he helped them learn. He has an amazing website specifically for his class (check it out! http://classroomofchaos.com ) where he posted parent info, pictures, homework aides, and even music playlists. He taught with zest, bringing stories to life with voices, and made math understandable with hands on quirky activities. For instance, when he taught graphing on the x and y axis, he would practice with the kids, getting them out of their seats and "jumping" to Kriss Kross's song "Jump", and yelling out directions on the "axis". His teaching was unorthodox, but you never forgot what he taught. I would sometimes go to his class to help grade papers, but would end up spending half the time just watching him teach. I was jealous that my kids got to be in his classroom everyday. Not an understatement. He gave what many parents considered a lot of homework, but to him, it was simply preparation for Junior High and High School, and learning good habits. He provided amazing incentives for staying on top of assignments and homework with "Super Activities" and awards and recognition. He also taught "outside of the curriculum" things like friendship, kindness, responsibility, and thoughtfulness. Priceless lessons.

In addition, Jason was a colleague of mine, helping me with film making in my GT classes at the same school, as well as giving me ideas by his example. We became good friends and "hung out" as it were by helping out at super activities and in various and sundry events, like hiking the "Y", or  "Christmas in September". His friend-shipping skills seemed to have no limit.  He had a way of looking out for everyone. For example, when my husband was away for 3 months, he and his siblings had our family over for Thanksgiving dinner. He always aimed for the "exceptional" in everything he did.

Although I have mentioned a lot, I have barely scratched the surface. He was a wonderful teacher and friend. I am deeply saddened by his loss.  It feels like there's a hole in my heart now that he is gone. I loved him dearly and will forever be grateful to him for, well, for everything.

Annette Evans

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

Checked out that link of J.'s... wow, I am impressed by the attention he gave to students and everyone he came in contact with... The 'see u in two weeks'... was a sting for me ....

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