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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Magical 8-Ball, Please

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My youngest son is pure entertainment these days. At 18 months old, a few of the more discernible things he says to us are 'yeah' and 'no' and 'huh?', so the kids have taken to asking him questions to determine their fate. It's sort of like having our own real-life Magic 8 Ball.

Wouldn't it be awesome if those things really worked? For people like myself who struggle to make decisions a truly magical Magic 8 Ball would be welcomed. One which could answer questions beyond the limits of yes/no answers would be at the top of my Christmas list.

Just the other day my 5-year-old boy was asking some questions of our little 18-month-old magic ball of knowledge and the answers (amidst much giggling) were remarkably accurate.

Am I a boy? Yeah.

Is mom a girl? Yeah.

Do you wear diapers? Yeah.

(giggling) Does mom wear diapers? No.

Is mom a crazy cuckoo? Yeah.

You see what I mean? It's uncanny how accurate his answers are. But when I try asking him things everything seems to go awry...

Which store has the best price on milk right now? Huh?

What should I make for dinner tonight? No.

Where did you hide my keys? (quizzical look)

As cute as our little ball of answers is, he is definitely not the solution to remedy my lack of decision-making ability. So if anyone happens upon a truly Magical 8-Ball in the course of their holiday shopping, can you pick me up an extra?

I'll even pay the shipping...

(I'd love to hear what's at the top of YOUR Christmas list this year!)


Denae said...

This is a super cute thought! I miss the toddler stage, with my kids at 5 and 7 all I get now is sass.

I think having to make choices and learn from them is one of life's most precious gifts, some of the lessons learned from a bad choice can teach us so many thing that makes us a better person. Although sometimes it would just be nice to know.

For Christmas this year I just want my kids to make good memories.

Richard & Natalie said...

Cute post. I hope you get your Christmas wish. I'm not a decision maker either. It's a good thing I have a husband & 4 kids that make them all anyway.
Right now, at the top of my list this year is to have my father-in-law out of the hospital, through rehab, & home for Christmas Day. :)

Teachinfourth said...

I seem to have 22 of those this year...but they give answers far more detailed; though not always as accurate.

I would love to have the family together at Christmas, a new lens for the camera, and a laptop which runs a bit faster than the one I currently own.

Oh, and world peace...

Anaise said...

Toddlers are my very favorite people in the whole wide world! I love newborns, and I love sitting/crawling chubby babies; I love 3-4 year olds because everything they say is funny, and I love "big kids." But the very best ones of all are toddlers. Little balls of joie de vivre--nothing better.

And there are two items tied for first on my Christmas wish list, but they are secret at this stage, and if I do get them, they are sure to arrive after Christmas . . . oh, how I'm hoping!

Kara said...

My youngest is at the same stage. It is just so fun to hear him try to communicate through words. I hope to just enjoy the holidays with my family. Based on past experience, I try not to get my hopes up for anything specific for Christmas. Generally then I'm not disappointed and enjoy things much more.

Gerb said...

Denae- I know that what you said is true but I think that's what makes it so hard for me to decide things. I'm always worried I'll make the wrong decision... but I like your perspective on it.

Natalie- That is a wonderful wish list. I hope it all comes true.

T5th- I've learned to settle for whirrled peas. But I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the rest of your list.

Anaise- You definitely have me curious as to the 2 items you are wishing for... I'm looking forward to hearing about it (hopefully!) after the holidays.

Kara- I hear you on not getting your hopes up. I think I've trained myself to not want anything except practical stuff anymore.

Rachel said...

LOL! Great post! Oh if it weren't so true. I tend to be impulsive so it is a good thing that my husband takes FOREVER to make a decision.

Hmm, what do I want for Christmas? Another year. The same thing I've been asking for for seven almost eight years now and so far...I've gotten my wish!

Gerb said...

Rachel - Sounds like you and I (and our husbands) have something in common. There's a reason opposites attract, I suppose.

I'm glad you get your wish every year and I hope you continue to get it until you don't want it anymore. I'm thinking that by the time I hit 137 I'll be done.

Lori said...

Oh Gerb, I love this post--love the comparison of your baby to a magical 8-ball. So true---their answers are so random and yet so WISE sometimes! Love it!

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