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Friday, November 6, 2009

Truly Living in the Moment


My life isn't what it used to be....it's a new page to be written and I'm in control of the story. I owe most of my success in being a husband and father to my sweetheart, but now because of cancer I need to stand alone and not quit. To quit is easy, to live is hard.

I feel that there are times in life when we tend to get a little too wrapped up in the world; handling problems, working, and everything else that comes along with living. For the most part, things like writing letters and spending time with our family are things that seem to get put off. It takes dedication to stay with anything faithfully…it’s so easy to procrastinate our lives away with our varied good intentions of following through later, but as you and I both know, before long that day has turned into a week, the week into a month, and still we have the good intentions of doing whatever it is we’d planned on doing.

Why is this? Why do we constantly follow this path in life? I am a firm believer that it is because many of us are living in the Land of Later and the Time of Tomorrow.

But still time passes, and as it does it becomes harder to finally start many of these good things.

We need to say the things we feel in our hearts and not put it off until tomorrow, because tomorrow just might be too late!

I now sit in a quiet, lonely home; a home which is nourished with love from the past by a beautiful companion now gone. I look at the sunlight pouring into the room, and imagine my wife sitting here waiting for me to arrive home from work; her weakened body no longer allowing strength to do the things she enjoyed. I had always come home to a clean house and a great dinner, her voice still rings in my ears:

“Hi, sweetheart how was your day?”

She always encouraged me to be positive, and I enjoyed our intimate time together.

I feel like I was lucky to have been able to give back love and support of taking care of my beloved as she had taken care of our family for so many years; to have experienced the support of our family coming home to help bear us up. I joy in the many personal memories this has given me, yet still cry daily as the memories are tender.

When it comes to family, I say cherish your moments and say what’s in your heart. The words ‘I love you’ should be spoken often. Hold your companion’s hand when in public, and don’t be intimidated by the world. I cry as I look on our wall to a sign she made that simply says, Always kiss me goodnight.

Whenever I now see couples walking without touching, I only wish I could have just one more moment to hold my sweetheart in my arms.

Don’t let it become too late.

Now I am wishing…if only I had more time.


Gerb said...

Wow. What beautiful words and a needed reminder for all of us. Life is much too short to not let others know how we feel, isn't it?

Thank you.

Rachel said...

I love this! I just sent an e-mail to my family telling them how much I love them for this very reason. Life has made me realize that I am not invincible like I thought. No one is......

The "it will never happen to me" is a syndrome we all have. It never crosses our mind that we are not invincible if we've lived healthy lives and then when things come crashing down and you look around you, at your children, your spouse, and realize that it can/might be gone tomorrow........it makes it very real that today is today and now is now. Live in the now and don't procrastinate the truly important things. Family. That is where it is at......

My heart goes out to you and I pray that you will be wrapped in God's love and comfort like a hand made quilt by a loved one.

cari said...

Thank you.

Corine said...

George... that was awesome! What a great and true reminder. When all is said and done, it really is the tiny little things that matter in life, isn't it? And as busy as life gets... it is somehow easy to not do the things that are most important, yet take the least amount of time. Thanks for the great reminder!

And since it is so important to let others know that you love them...love ya George! :D I have always loved and respected you; thanks so much for being such a great example and friend to me and my family when we lived near by you years ago. You have always been one of my favorite people. :)

Richard & Natalie said...

What a beautiful and heartfelt reminder. Thank you for sharing it with us here.

jaleegirl said...

Thank you for articulating exactly what is in my heart today.

Anaise said...


Anonymous said...

I wish all could read this post and think about what is really important in life and what will be remembered.

mywest said...

What I spoke of in my posting came from deep within me. My only wish is that all who have read, with or without leaving a comment, has shared with there loved ones what's in there heart. Thanks to Four Perspectives for allowing me to be a guest on this blog. Also a big thanks to those who did leave comments. George

Denae said...

I don't think I could ever properly articulate the way I feel after reading your words. My spouse didn't pass on, but my marriage died.

Moving into a life of singleness after being a companion is a hard adjustment. I commend you for having the strength to share your experience with us.

shoezimm said...

I am sad to say that I pretty much live in the land of later....it didn't seem so bad for me because it wasn't as if I had a husband and kids waiting for me at home.

I have noticed living here in Utah that it is far too easy to stop seeing what is really important in life. Around me I see people running running running to cram in just one more errand or one more lesson....and spend less time together as a family.

You see the suffering and loss of others and never think it will happen to you. There will always be more time we think. How much we take our family not changing for granted.

In a world of busy-ness perhaps its time we slowed back down and take a strong look at what's really important in our lives.

♥Miya said...

Great words to live by :3

A Lark said...

That was beautiful - thanks for the reminder.

Leah Z said...

Hey Dad,

Well said. We always want the holiday season to be perfect, and too often we do that by making plans. Plans are good, but only if they leave room for the spontaneous in-the-moment experiences that so often are most precious.

Kris said...

Sad to say I have not been here in a week. I missed this Blog. George I always thought of you as a great Dad and husband. You always seemed to be teaching your kids and family great things. I remember you spending time in simple ways with your loved ones. You just taught us all a lesson in time management. Love you lots! Kris

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