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Thursday, November 12, 2009


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(A glimpse of the mountains on the way to my kids' school. Don't you think the view is... cool?)

The sound of waves on ocean shore,
A laugh, a smile, an open door,
A bird in flight, the dreams that soar,
These are the things I'm thankful for.

Sunrise, sunset, a garden gate,
Freshly baked cookies on my plate,
Some time to read, write and create;
These are things I appreciate.

Great times with family, friends and food,
Songs which dispel an awful mood,
For falling rain, for clouds that brood;
For all these things - my gratitude.

A donut topped with maple glaze,
To bask in sunshine's warming rays,
The insights gained in passing days;
For all these things I offer praise.


rorymckm said...


Rachel said...

For people who can make a rhyme,
I try myself all the time,
but it comes out no where near sublime,
somewhere more along the lines of slime. :D

I always did wish I could write poetry. Thank you for this and amen to all of the things you are thankful for.

Gerb said...

Rory- =0)

Your poem, for a little while
Brought to my face a great, big smile.

Thanks for the comment. ;0)

Kimm said...

I feel like my comment must have a rhyme,if not today then another time.

Fantastic poetry, Gerb!

Is there anything you can't do? if
I ever grow up I want to be like YOU!

okay whatever, I was just trying to be clever!
Ahhh, I can't stop!!! ha ha

Autumn said...

My favorite donuts are ones with maple glaze. If those are really yours....I am amazed.
We seem to be alike in many ways.
More evidence to prove this in the upcoming days.

This rhyming business is addictive! Ta ta for now

Camille said...

I love November for this reason!

Amber said...

I love your poem.

Richard & Natalie said...

You, a poet.
I'm not surprised,
because every Thursday, before my eyes
graceful or funny words are penned
and I am grateful to call you friend.

You are MUCH better at this whole rhyming thing!

Corine said...

A rhyme! A rhyme! Please bring on some time,
So I can add to,
this fine rhyming chime!

Give me a minute,
Give me an hour,
And maybe just then,
I can add to your choir!

OK - I guess I only needed about 20 seconds. :D
That was great fun! - LOL :D

Anaise said...

Yhe great part of your poem is that it is genuine--all the things in it are things you've written in depth about before--not just searched-for ideas that matched your rhyme and meter--it is really your personal thanksgiving poem.

Gerb said...

Kimm- You're such a poet! And you didn't even know it.

Autumn- No more rhyming, I mean it! (Anybody want a peanut?) And BTW, if you want a SUPER tasty maple bar, check out the Target in Orem. Trust me.

Camille- Same here. It's nice to take time to remember what we're thankful for.

Amber- Thanks, friend.

Natalie- Thank you. I would respond in poetry but I think I don't have much left in me...

Corine- Sometimes a poem is a simpler way to express deeper feelings. Or just a fun way to switch up a comment.

Anaise- Thanks for noticing that. I try really hard not to use words just to fit a rhyme when I write poems. I felt like I needed about 4 more verses but then decided to leave it at that.

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