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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Changing up

Pin It This post brings to mind a recent discussion I had with my class about the horrible outcome of gossip and rumors; we talked about the atrocious things which can happen to a person when things are said about them which may—or may not—be true.

This is post to set the record straight before anyone jumps to conclusions, and finds themselves lanquishing in the mud, anxiously awaiting to sling it and share among their friends and acquaintances.

As you probably have noticed, we have a new Perspective listed on our sidebar: Lori. Now, undoubtedly some of you are wondering, Hey, what happened to Val? and now thoughts are probably already cavaljulating about your head as you drum up all the possible explanations of why she’s been replaced.

To surmise: with the advent of this thing called life, and all that it brings in its mysterious tow, Val came to the conclusion that weekly posts were just a bit too much for her at her particular stage of living; however, rest assured that Val will be returning occasionally in the vein of guest posts.

Whew, rumor squad situation averted.

This post is also for the purpose of giving a warm welcome to Lori, the newest addition to our little blogging family. While I could go all out and tell you everything there is to know about her, it would just be easier to let you head over to her bio on the 'About' page.

And yes, we’re all still friends.

P.S. I made up the words lanquishing & cavaljulating—just thought you’d all want to know.


novidiac said...

Coming from you.. I assumed my vocabulary was simply below the 5th grade level!... nice to know they're your own creations, before I start adding them into my daily usage! I especially liked cavaljulating though!

Anaise said...

It's Sunday morning and I ought to be running around filling sippy cups, packing snacks, combing hair and finding missing Mary Janes, but I have sick kids, so I spent the morning "getting to know" Lori on her personal blog--I think we can be friends.

Lori said...

Awww, thanks, Anaise! I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you as well. Hope the kids are feeling better soon.


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