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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finding The Silver Lining

Pin It Our lawnmower was stolen a couple of days ago.

My oldest daughter had just mowed the neighbor's lawn and had given the mower a thorough cleaning then left it to drip-dry in the driveway. I left the house at around 9:30 that evening and saw it there as I made my way to the car to run a few errands. When I returned, it was gone.

My husband and I wondered at first if it was some sort of teenage prank - you know, maybe we'd get a ransom note or some such thing the next morning - but that was not the case.

As the realization of the thievery began to set in I was angry. How dare someone take something that did not belong to them! Then frustrated. We would have to fork out the cash for a new lawnmower now. Then worried. Was it someone from our neighborhood who had stolen it? And if so, who? These emotions were eating away at me. I knew I needed to do something to remedy my annoyance or I would turn into one of those crazy I'll-stop-at-nothing-to-find-you-and-get-back-what's-mine kind of people.

So I found the humor in the situation.

In their rush to grab the mower and run, the crook had left something behind - the bag attachment. Without this, the lawnmower would leave large clumps of grass all over the lawn as it was being mowed. The bag had been removed when my daughter cleaned the mower and it remained there, propped up against the garage door where the mower had been.

I decided to generously offer the bag attachment to our mower bandit, seeing how it was no longer of any use to us, but I did not know how to get it to him (or her, I suppose). So I posted this little note on our garage:

They still haven't returned for the bag, though.

p.s. I forgot to disable the comments on my post... I'm leaving up the few that were already there, but now they are turned off. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE comments, but... if you're interested in reading about why I am turning them off, you can click here. It's not you, it's me.


Katie's Dailies said...

Oh, I like your sense of humor! Classic!

PMC said...

ouch. maybe if you leave up there long enough they will have time to stop by for the bag and some tea....


thanks for the laugh this morning!

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