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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Pin It I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and so, by default, I spend a lot of time by my kitchen window.

Recently I have witnessed a sort of reality series unfolding in my backyard. I have been able to watch as a mama bird chose to build a nest in one of the corner posts of our cinderblock wall. Back and forth she'd travel, carrying in her beak small bits of grass and twigs and string and lint. Before too long I noticed she was instead bringing worms and other vittles to the nest. Then yesterday the babies ventured out.

All day long I watched as they sat there at the corner of our wall, chirping incessantly, just waiting for the poor mama bird to return and then fly away again to fetch another morsel to place in one of their little mouths. All day long they just demanded to be fed so she continuously made little trips here and there in search of sustenance for her little birdies.

I began to feel sorry for that mama bird, spending her whole day tending to every need of her relentless little baby birds - and only being able to carry one thing at a time.

Then my kids came home and in between my regular duties of laundry and dishes and cleaning up messes all I heard was, "What's our after-school snack? How soon is dinner? Can you help me with my homework? I need a treat for my class party tomorrow! I can't find my piano book! Can you show me how to make this work on the computer?" and off I went, one thing at a time, tending to my little birds.

Suddenly, I didn't feel so sorry for that mama bird anymore.

Early on in our marriage my husband and I chose to be parents. We chose to have a full nest and plenty of mouths to feed. We chose to live what others see as a busy, crazy life - but which we see as a very full and happy life. I find such satisfaction and joy in this family that shares my home and life despite the frustrations that can certainly arise. I do what I do because I love having a family and all that comes with it. I recognize that we are so very blessed. I love being a mother.

So instead of taking pity on that mama bird, I see things this way... she and I are a couple of lucky ladies.

We are mothers! Hear us chirp!

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