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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ideas Over Substance

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Indecision may or may not be my problem.
Jimmy Buffett

I had one of those seriously bad headaches today. You know it’s going to be a bad one when you actually wake up with an aching head.

My head probably hurts because I just haven’t been getting enough sleep this week (or water – see last week’s post) . I’ve been up late every night because I’m getting ready for decorating the local high school gymnasium again. It’s a fun challenge, but it does…you know…take some time.

Anyway back to my headache. It’s Thursday, my day to post and I’ve attempted several topics several times only to be thwarted by headache apathy and decorating overdose. The following are several topics that I almost wrote about today and may, in fact write about in the future – a preview of coming attractions if you will.

Ebay and the Big Balloon
Ebay’s adventure trying to get a giant 3 foot balloon home from the party store after having filled it with helium so we could “practice” for our event decorations. Long story short – big balloon – small car – freezing cold night - funny picture.

Where’s my Flying Car?
A book I’ve been reading called The Next Hundred Years about author’s predictions about the coming century – political, economic, social etc. It’s interesting to realize where the world was at the beginning of the last century, what the prevailing opinions and political powers were and then see how events actually unfolded. I don’t think we can really conceive of where the 21st century will take us.

The Fringerator
And while I’m doing the time warp, there’s a show called Fringe that I’ve been totally getting into. It’s about a parallel universe, almost the same as this one but not quite. My inner geek just totally comes out when it comes to time travel or any kind of parallel quantum universe.

The Redwood Forest
It seems that I spend an awful lot of time at my job working on projects and proposals that don’t really get very far. There’s a lot of Chiefs where I work and the decision making tree is akin to a giant redwood. It takes a lot of time to go up and down the tree before any kind of decision can be made. Needless to say, I find this trend frustrating because I often spend hours on a project only to have it get stuck on a lofty and unused branch of the tree never to be seen again. But I ran across a quote by John Quincy Adams when he was asked if he was ever frustrated by his constant effort to abolish slavery with little or no success. He said “Duty is ours; results are God’s.” Not that I’m fighting slavery in my job (although I can claim a certain moral outrage sometimes when working with those who work with Juvenile Delinquents). But I am constantly striving for a better attitude (because the alternatives are either violence or medication) and this quote has stuck with me lately.

So there you go. My blog post about all the things I could have written about today, didn’t write about today, but may yet write about in the future.
But for now…it’s late again, my head still hurts and I need to sleep – perchance to dream about next week’s perfect blog-post.

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