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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Write or Right?

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I have a confession to make.

I keep all sorts of things to myself because I don't like confrontation. Honestly, if I were the type of person who enjoyed a good "discussion" (a.k.a. argument) I would have plenty of things to write about when it's my turn to post each Wednesday. However, because I live in a world where I want everyone to be happy and nice to each other, I am almost constantly at a loss as to what to say here on 4P.

Part of my problem is that my emotions run much too close to the surface. I cry when I am passionate about something. I laugh when I am frustrated. I write with zealous words when I am feeling defensive or have strong opinions. My emotions tend to over-emphasize my thoughts. I suppose you could say that I have plenty of ideas of what to write but I worry about whether I can express myself well enough to make my thoughts appear on paper the way they do in my head.

Instead, the controversial opinions (a.k.a. confrontational opinions) I have on many topics are kept safely tucked in my brain-arsenal so that I can conduct little debates with myself when I hear anyone else bring up or see anyone write about something that I disagree with.


Healthcare reform.



Country music.

Clothing and hairstyles.


Social Security.

Family roles.


The good part about keeping these things to myself and only having personal mental debates is that I always come out on top...

The bad part is that I have difficulty coming up with anything substantial to write about.


Rachel said...

That's a toughy! Peace makers and yet we give ourselves ulcers trying to keep mayhem inside of us from getting out. At least for me......

Trish said...

Ok now...what's your beef with country music? Assuming you have one. ;)

Gerb said...

Rachel- That about sums it up!

Trish- I actually have no beef. We've been trying to just have chicken around here...

Shannon said...

Oh boy - do I hear you...yep...ditto.

PMC said...

i just like to delete the comments that don't agree with me...nah...just kiddin'. i do love reading your posts though...even if they aren't laced with controversy. ;)

Teachinfourth said...

If you want Gerb's more controversial stuff, you should go here:


It's got some REALLY bad things about people...that is, unless she's already taken the site down.

Anaise said...

I vote for peaceful.

That's why I read your writing.

But if you ever did get controversial, I'd still read your writing.

(And, Teachinfourth, you crack me up!)

Melissa said...

I ended up on this blog throug a friends blog and have really enjoyed it. Each of you have such dif. styles. I find myself looking every couple of days to read anything new any of you may have posted. Please keep blogging:)

Gerb said...

Shannon- It's not always easy keeping it all to yourself, is it?

PMC- Thanks. I appreciate that.

T5th- Holy moley! Do the words "TOP SECRET" mean nothing to you?!

Anaise- That means a lot. Thank you.

Melissa- Thank you! We're glad to have you come visit. And I'm pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say that if you keep reading, we'll keep blogging.

Rubie said...

I vote against being peaceful!!! Be controversial because you will feel more at peace with who you really are! Now, I don't advocate hatefulness and negativity but I do believe in being firm about where you stand...you think that Social Security is a joke for the ppl who call and "claim" their kids have ADHD to take the money and abuse it...I'd talk about it or maybe I just did...oh I have some lovely ladies you could interview on that topic...they know what really goes down at SSA!

Sarah said...

I have a friend who stopped blogging because she felt like she couldn't be honest on her blog - like she wasn't allowed to have an opinion because it might offend somebody. She ended up making her blog private and solving all those problems, but isn't that sad? I mean, sure I don't like a confrontation, but I sure like to blog about who I voted for and why, because it's MY blog, yo!

So, I say, let it all out, Gerb!! I would LOVE to hear your take on a few things!

Gina said...

I so enjoy and value your opinion, that I would LOVE to hear some of your opinion on politics and olympics and more. Oh, Gerb. You know we can always use more of you!

Gerb said...

Rubie- Here's the thing, though... I don't like confrontation. I will openly discuss my opinions on everything under the sun with someone who I know will agree with me. And I'll even defend something I feel strongly about, in a gentle way, if it is being misrepresented. I just need to be brave, I suppose. Maybe I'll get around to that in the next few months... or years.

Sarah- I have a private blog that gets it all... plenty of venting, all for me. One reason I can't let it all out in a public forum is if I'm not totally, all-around knowledgeable about the thing which I'm venting. I guess it's an opportunity for learning and growth if others have a differing opinion and can set me straight on things, but maybe I like to be right a bit too much. (?)

Gina- It's a pretty long fall from this pedestal you've got me on! But I won't lie. I sort of like it.

Alices Wonderland said...

How ironic for me to stumble across this blog post.

I just this week ran into this same dilemma. Do I stay nice and PC and make sure everyones feelings don't get hurt....or do I dump????

I've decided to embrace my Snarkiness.

Gerb said...

Alice- Embrace it. We need snarky people here in BlogLand. They keep things interesting. And hey - thanks for taking the time to comment!

Lori said...

I feel ya, Gerb. Sometimes I just need to VENT, but then I think, you know, so and so would be so totally offended. Or, I'd totally like to write about my pole-dancer sister with the really awesome cheeto act, but man, that would give Grandma a heart-attack! So for a while I kept a private blog, but there was totally no satisfaction in act because the only person that read it was me. So now I vent with :). Can you tell I'm a southern girl?

Gerb said...

I hear what you're saying, Lori. I have written some brilliant venting posts on my private blog and I always (in vanity) think they deserve more attention. But then it's back to 'who will I offend?' and I keep them to myself. Maybe we could just convince people to NOT get offended?

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