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Monday, February 8, 2010


Pin It Okay, my post is coming, in all seriousness. I just had to start your Monday off with a little giggle, though.

Does anyone else out there watch the Superbowl purely for A) the commercials B) the half-time show (The Who. was. AWESOME!) and C) the "pool"? I mean, granted, they're always really fun games to watch, but those other things are just kind of iconic by now. It wouldn't be the Superbowl without them.

Duane didn't win the Foster Electric pool because he ended up with totally lame numbers for not only the first quarter, but also the half-time score, third quarter, and of course the fourth quarter, but as I said, The Who was terrific (even my kids enjoyed rocking out to Teenage Wasteland--what delicious irony) and the commercials were pretty good for the most part.

Here are my two top picks. Enjoy:

Even though I personally despise the taste of beer, and Duane has never touched a drop in his life, I don't care who you are, this is funny.


And of course, the E-Trade commercials never fail to leave us gasping. The Milkaholic was too much.


(And sorry about the links--I can't seem to upload the web address into the video browser for blogger...help?)


Richard & Natalie said...

THANK YOU! Finally...Someone who enjoyed the Who, for halftime like I did!!!
Growing up with 3 brothers and now 3 boys, I have seen enough football to last me a lifetime, but I did see some commercials (I love the last line of the Bud Light commercial), halftime, and the sad, sad last 10 minutes as Dallin (7) melted into a weeping heap as Manning threw the pass that was intercepted and the Saints scored to win the game. It was not a happy night at our house after that.

Rachel said...

Ya know! I am grateful to say that the super bowl isn't a factor at our house because with the amount of testosterone going on here......BYU football and basketball games are enough for us! The joke in our house is when BYU goes to the Super Bowl THEN we'll watch. :D

Sarah said...

Maxine once said,"My idea of a Superbowl is a toilet that cleans itself!" and I totally agree. I look forward to the commercials, they are always good for a laugh!!!

Lori said...

Nat--how could you not enjoy The Who? They're so classy.

Rach--now that's funny. I watched sooooo much football growing up, the relative absence of it as an adult is a blessing. We watch just a few games here and there, and the Superbowl is one of them.

Sarah--Ha! That is a Super Bowl, right there! The commercials are my favorites, I confess.

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