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Monday, January 11, 2010

One Convoluted Tale and How One Thing Leads to Another

Pin It I'm a magnet for trouble. Like, for real. Nothing is ever simple. If I can break it, I will, and nine times out of ten, it will happen two days after the warranty expires. If there's a speed limit, I will exceed it.

I don't remember if I told you, but right before Thanksgiving, the phone rang. (Actually, I'm pretty sure I didn't tell you that.) I answered it, and it was for my husband, who had just left the house but was still standing in the driveway. I leapt up from the couch, determined to be a GREAT wife and get the phone to him before he left.

I sort of tripped over the cord to my laptop and did a faceplant on the den floor, along with my computer. Face was fine, as were the spectacles. Computer looked fine, although the little thingamajiggy where the power cord plugged into said laptop did look a little...different. I plugged it in anyway and went about my business.

Later that evening, I noticed sparks coming from the thingamajiggy. "Hmm. That can't be good."

Long story and one new useless power cord later, I learned from the "We Fix Stupid Computers" people that I had melted the power jack. I was handed my hard drive in a little silver box, told they may or may not be able to fix the problem, and I should probably buy a new computer, because "this is probably going to take some time."

So I bought a new computer. And new Word. And other new programs. I attempted to buy new CS4, my lovely photoediting software that typically costs the earth. I found an "unlicensed" version for only $149, and got REALLY excited. ("Why are we so cheap? Because we don't sell you the 'frilly' packaging for an additional $900 big ones, moron!") Yep. I bought it. Hook, line, and credit card. In my defense, it had worked with my prior CS3 program for $69.95.

At any rate, after something like twenty-two installation attempts later, I finally gave up. This was just not going to work. I was going to have to suck it up, and go back to Photoshop Elements or something. Waaaa.

Around that time, I happened to stumble upon an ad for a STUDENT edition of CS4, for only $199. WOW. Was I eligible? I had taken a couple of online classes just a summer or so ago through Northern VA Community College for recertification....can we do it? YES, WE CAN!

HOLY GUACAMOLE, as Skippy Jon Jones would say. That's awesome. All I have to do is click here, and then click there....and voila. CS4 on the way.

So I waited. And waited. And around a week later, my software arrived. And...uh, oh. It didn't actually have a complete installation key. Seems you have to provide proof of current enrollment to Amazon in order to receive that serial number. Huh. Why is life never SIMPLE??? I just want to play with my pictures.

Well, fortunately for me, I needed to take a couple of classes anyway for recertification points, and had no intention of waiting until the last minute like I did last time. So, I scanned the NVCC course catalog of online classes and decided upon Teaching Childrens' Literature. Lovely. It would only cost a few hundred more.

Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

So, folks, this is how I got from busting up my computer to starting an online course today. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some homework to do. (On my new computer, because my old computer is still over at "We Fix Stupid Computers." I'm not sure if it's actually fixable or not...)


Rachel said...

I swear if not in this life then in another......we are truly sisters.......

I hear ya. Loud and clear. Oh boy howdy do I hear ya!

So sorry about the computer tragedy. I hope they "We fix stupid computers" people can fix your computer!!

Teachinfourth said...

Ugh! I can totally relate to you with this one, Lori! I just bought a new computer (in fact, I was going to blog about it tomorrow, but now I just might do something else). Point is, it's been a real headache to get things back the way I had them...

A curse upon new computers!

Gerb said...

A Convoluted Comment by Gerb

It's never good when sparks are coming from the thingamajiggy!

I took Teaching Children's Lit at the local CC a billion years ago and LOVED it.

I have debated taking online courses recently so I can actually finish my degree before my completed classes aren't worth anything. I think I may be too late, though.

Convoluted comment complete.

Lori said...

Rach--by now, I've almost gotten the new computer to where it feels sort of okay. I just need to install a couple more programs and it'll be good to go. And I always knew I had a sister to go with those 3 brothers...she just ran away from home to avoid their shenanigans and left me all alone... ;)

J--blog away, please!!! Your headache might make mine feel better! Misery does love company...

Gerb--The fact that your convoluted comment made complete sense should have me running for the hills, shouldn't it? Take those classes, girl! Like I told Jason, misery loves company. This professor is going to have me doing online group work. ONLINE GROUP WORK. Isn't that a paradox or something?

Anaise said...

I so need some chocolate after reading this post! Ugh! Exhausting!

I hope your class is fun.

Richard & Natalie said...

Lori, You have about as much luck with computers and computer programs as I do. Welcome to the Cursed Computer User Club; I feel your pain.

Lori said...

Thanks, Natalie! At least there's a club to belong to...

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