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Monday, January 4, 2010

Being Busy and Chick-fil-A

Pin It I decided today's post was going to be the Chick-fil-A post, because it's 9:30 p.m. Virginia time and I'm still in my heels, for sweet Pete's sake, and I've only just now finished my supper of leftover tomato soup. I really, really had a craving for Chick-fil-A, but the closest one is about a twenty-two minute drive and I just couldn't do it. I was starving! Not after vacuuming three floors, mopping two floors, cleaning a kitchen, dusting three rooms, fixing a computer, going to the bank, cleaning a potty, making supper, making a taco dip (very yummy, will post recipe), going to the grocery store, going to Lowes and buying a staple gun (but forgetting the staples, naturally), doing three loads of laundry, just some general straightening up, and hosting my Bible study...all in my freaking heels.

Man, my feet hurt. I'm starting to get my momma's corns, and they hurt.

I figured the only wisdom I'd be able to impart at this point would be the Chick-fil-A song, which oddly enough was fairly appropriate considering my state of starvation and my fairly constant craving for their food. Since I was running around like that proverbial chicken today, I didn't get to take the kids by after school for their fix, either--so they're sort of going through withdrawals. It's pretty ugly. They shake their heads in agony when I present them with a bagged meal from the freezer section of the grocery store. "What is this? Eat Mor Chicken!"

I'm really sorry this post is a little late, but it was just one of those days. It was a busy day. Around mid-afternoon, when the weariness started to hit, I almost started to feel sorry for myself for being so busy, and a little aggravated with myself. Why are you so stupid? All you really needed to do was vacuum in front of the door and wipe the toilet seat in case anyone needed to pee. And maybe give the counters a little swipe. You really didn't need to break out the heavy artillery. Moron. You could be sitting on the couch right now, reading a book. Or maybe eating something.

Then it hit me--my conscience, I mean. You are so stinkin' blessed, girlfriend. Your sheer busy-ness is a blessing! Just think of what it means to be busy--you have people in your life. You have friends. You have family. They need you and depend on you. They know they can rely on you. You have been entrusted with all of these responsibilities to care for--yep, they can be burdensome every now and then, but how empty your life would be without them. And the same goes for your Things. The Things that your have to clean--like those hardwood floors that you just live to vacuum and mop over and over again. They're beautiful. Don't complain over the labor that accompanies the beauty.

I love it when my head actually speaks wisdom to me.

Just for giggles: The Chick-fil-A Song Video


Richard & Natalie said...

Oh Lori, you are my kind of woman. You know the type that cleans the whole house if someone is just dropping something off at the door. Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings and see the beauty in them.
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go find something to satisfy this strange hankering I have for a chicken sandwich... :)

Rachel said...

Lori, you hit it on the head right there! I wish I could go back to those days of being 'dependable'. Being able to have people/friends rely on me. Yeah, those days are busy but you're right. The other side stinks. I'd rather be busy.....reading books is nice......for about the first week or two....but when it drags onto months and years......you kinda wish for those days of being blessedly busy knowing you've spread goodness all day long.

Gerb said...

Someone once told me I should treasure the fingerprints everywhere and the messes I have to clean up after because I'll miss them when they're gone. If they were referring to the children - they're right. I will miss the kids in unimaginable proportions. But their messes... not so much.

And amen on the Chic-Fil-A! I was estatic when I found one in the mall over here. My favorite is the nuggets dipped in honey. And the waffle fries.

Gerb said...

Ecstatic, I mean. That typo is going to BUG me all day!

Lori said...

Nat--I have been known to run for the bathroom in the back of the house if someone shows up and my house is a mess (but only if it's REALLY, REALLY messy). Hope you found that chicken sandwich.

Rach--it's a toss up between what I'm better at--loafing or being busy! I think the best thing is that sigh of relaxation at the end of a jam-packed day, when you know you've been productive and now it's time to just let it all hang it out...that's just whipped cream on pie, you know?

Gerb--Ummm. Love the nuggets and honey combo. Do yall not have a Chick-fil-A on practically every corner like we do around here? (Except in the boonies, of course. We have nothing in the boonies. Except cow patties.)And I know what you're saying about the fingerprints and the kids--when I painted over Lawson's innumerable pencil drawings all over his walls, a part of me was sad. Another part was like, "jeezy, kid, use paper!"--but that other mommy half wanted to immortalize it. And don't worry about the typo. I had one in my post and my feet were so tired I left it there.

Teachinfourth said...

It is so true; it is far better to have a lot of people in your life than nobody. I'm glad you could see the hidden 'blessings' in it all.

Anaise said...

I can't get over the fact that you're wearing heels . . .

Lori said...

J--one of the hidden benefits to getting older, I guess?

A--usually I'd be wearing my fuzzy crocs around the house, but honestly, I was so busy I forgot to change my shoes. How lame is that?

birdeeb said...

I just don't wear shoes in my house...kick em off I say! ;o)And I was just thinking of my blessings today...SO BLESSED!

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