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Friday, January 29, 2010

Crazy People

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Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try.

Theodor Geisel

Ebay and I are up to our ears in…well it’s really hard to describe. There are about 20 Sam’s Club bags (the most awesome bags ever!) filed with combinations of plastic, fabric, paper etc. There are about 4 big u-haul boxes filled with corregated board, wooden dowels, orange cones, chalk pictures, mylar and latex.

And what, you ask, are we doing with all this stuff? We’re decorating, or rather getting ready to decorate for a big event over at the high school tomorrow.

It’s a funny thing about event decorating (or stage decorating too for that matter). There really isn’t any kind of mandate that tells you what you MUST do. There really aren’t any rules, it’s all about theme and imagination and design and just what you think will look good. That’s the awesome part, but it’s also the part that gets you…well, me anyway, in trouble.

As I look over the array of stuff that I have to transport from my poor living room to the high school I can’t help but wonder – what was I thinking? Why do I do this to myself? What kind of psychotic need for….I don’t even know….Attention…Validation…Artistic license …Creativity makes me draw and color and cut and glue all the stuff that we’ve put together for this event?

I think I’m happy with it. I think it will look good. But on the night before the event, I am once again questioning my sanity just a bit. It’s really a shame that I like doing it so much. You know how it is when you get carried away with your hobbies? I know I've seen Z spend waaaay too many hours on his videos or photos so I know he's gone down the crazy road with me. But I do wonder sometimes if a little therapy isn't in order for this type of ailment. Then again maybe this is our therapy.

So anyway, let me issue an invitation - For anyone in the Provo area on Friday evening or Saturday, come on over to Provo High and watch some fun ballroom dance competition. The decorations will awesome. Well, at least they look great in my imagination…


Gerb said...

I will already be there at 5:00 for a basketball game... where is the Ballroom competition at? I'd love to peek in for a bit. If nothing else, you've got me curious about your decorations!

Richard & Natalie said...

I get it, Mel. I understand why you do it, because I do it too... and LOVE it.
My hubsband and I were recently released from our callings at church and we both were secretly hoping they would put us over the activities committee together. Really, who wishes for that? We crazy people do.

I'm curious too...I may have to get out tomorrow and take a peek.

Rachel said...

You said it. It IS your therapy, and really, it's cheaper don't you think? At least that is what I tell myself.

Lori said...

Take pictures, 'cause you know that'd be a loooong trip for me. I get it, too--I'm that way about decorating for VBS. It sounds like you're going to have to get pretty creative, though...I can't wait to see the final outcome!

Gerb said...

I tried to peek in at your decor on Friday but the ladies at the table wouldn't let me get past them without paying. I did, however, hear from 2 people at church on Sunday that everything looked incredible.

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