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Friday, June 29, 2012

Office Musicals and Lie Detectors

Pin It I can't believe that it was my topic for the week, and I totally spaced it! Of course, I guess I could always plead the busy card...which would work in this case. So, that's how to comes to be Friday and I finally decided that it was safe to post for the week so I wouldn't be stepping on the day of anybody else.

This was a chore to come up with something, it's like being asked which of your students is your favorite; however, I finally narrowed it down to two choices. You know, since Gerb had two, this is fair, right?

My thoughts exactly.

This first video is something I can only say that I wish that I'd thought of...talk about sheer brilliance.

This second video is one I wanted to post on my personal blog - as well as on Facebook. However, being a teacher, I felt a bit sketchy about posting it in either venue. But here it is, and all I can say is that when I wasn't horrified, I was laughing to beat the band.


Rachel said...

That first video cracks me up each time I've seen it. The gal chomping her gum the whole time and then seeing the male co working climbing up on his desk upside down. Priceless.

That second one.......... HORRIFIED!!

mCat said...

I love them BOTH!

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