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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dance Walk, Baby!

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I could not possibly pinpoint my favorite YouTube video.  However, these are my most recent favorites:

(In the first video, please ignore the English transcribing.  It's horrendous!)

Why do I love them so much?  Hello!  DANCE WALKING!  This is an exercise regimen I could totally get into.  I just need to get a group together to do it with me.

Who's in?


Rachel said...

You know I am!!!

Mar C said...

That is hilarious! I actually do "grocery store dancing" when I take a close friend to the store. Since I'm a little on the shy side, I scope the isle first to make sure no one is around, then I let loose.

Carolyn said...

That is amazing! Provo isn't going to know what hit em. I'm going out dance walking!

K said...

Me. I'm in. Actually, before the treadmill came to live at my house, I used to chausser down the middle of the street. No one, however, took my picture.

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