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Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Pin It Okay, so I think I've done a pretty good job of not boring everyone with every little twinge, spasm, ache, pain, anxiety, thrill, and so forth during these past seven or eight months. That I've managed to do so by posting once per trimester...well...we all have our coping mechanisms. Right? Anyhoo...I had a little break in between classes, and thought I'd give everyone the third trimester update. Months eight through ten (yes...there are ten months in a pregnancy) Pretty.Much.Suck. Let me count the ways.

  1. Big. Ungainly. Awkward!

  2. Your thighs persist in chafing p.c., not understanding that they should just get a room. A big one.

  3. Every Braxton-Hicks sends you running (...er...make that shuffling painfully) to the clock with a piece of paper and pen, convinced that This.Is.It.

  4. Lower back pain.

  5. Cankles.

  6. Heartburn.

  7. Bending over to...umm, let's see...put on socks, lotion up cankles, clip toenails, shave...is an exercise in asphyxiation.

  8. Nesting. As in: must clean inside of washing machine, oil cabinetry, and steam clean carpets NOW, regardless of the fact that...

  9. ...energy levels are non-existent.

  10. Popped belly buttons.

  11. People think you're hormonal. Just because you wig out every now and then. Honestly!

Now, if you just loved being pregnant, even during the home stretch, I've already had my puking episode for the day, so feel free to confess all.

All that aside, it is the home stretch, and it can be pretty cool, too. Baby showers, baby clothes, baby stuff...naps that offer thirty minutes of oblivion, and strangely enough, a huge awareness of and appreciation for all that the body is capable of.

Without getting too mushy, the ability of this machine that is my body to grow and nurture a life and soul separate from my own is incredible. It's inescapable, felt in every labored breath and round ligament pull...seen in the skin that roils and ripples with every hiccup or full-body shift.

So....seven weeks and counting. I'm cool with that. Cankles and all.


Rachel said...

:D SO good to hear from you! Glad the pregnancy is moving right along. Can you actually believe you begged for this??

And knowing all that, I still would have more if I could........ crazy.

Anaise said...

Hooray! How lovely to hear from you! I've prayed for you and wished good things for you. Seven weeks is not so many . . . and it is forever at the same time! Post a picture of yourself one day! That would be sooo fun!

Pregnancy is wonderful and hard for me. I love to be pregnant because it is a time of wonder and hope and sharing in creation with God. But I vomit and have contractions and can't sleep and have RLS and can't breathe and . . . it is hard, too.

But oh, how exciting to be so close to having a brand-new, fresh from heaven baby!!!

PMC said...

i am a month late, but hey...better late than never! i was thinking about you and found you! now you only have a couple of weeks, if that. or you could be done....either way cankles are cool!!!

hugs and hugs and hugs!

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