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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fine And Dandy

Pin It I was wondering recently if there is a place on our planet where people are frustrated by all of the grass that is crowding out their dandelions. Do they apply grass-killer, hoping that the bright yellow flowers will be spared?

I've never really been a fan of dandelions before, but they somehow transformed into a thing of beauty when they were presented to me in small bouquets grasped in the two little fists of my proud 4-year-old girl and her cute little brother.

How could I turn away such a treasure, gathered in love with me in mind?

I think we need to look at things through a child's eyes more often. I think this world has all sorts of beauty that we have learned not to see.

Call me crazy, but I think dandelions get a bad rap. And I've got two little people here at my house who would be happy to back me up on that.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Aww, how sweet!.. How do u feel about those little puffer balls? I love those.

Anaise said...

Dandelions were brought over from the old world to the new by people who loved them and guarded them and hoped desperately that they would "take" in a strange, new climate.

I find that so hilarious!

I love dandelion bouquets until I wash my kids' clothes and find the perfect little circles of dandelion juice stains that never, ever, ever come out . . . ever!

If anyone knows how to get dandelion juice stains out, I'm ready to listen!

Rachel said...

Anaise, they'd put them on their soddie roofs in the hope for some color.

Isn't that so, another man's trash is another man's treasure.....

I'd take you up on the looking through life through the eyes of a child but the 'art work' I found on the wall next to a certain Native's bed...... I dunno..... :D

Gerb said...

KBF- As long as those puffer balls aren't being blown in my yard, I think they're magical. We called them wishing flowers as kids. :)

Rhoda said...

I know an older gentelman in my last neighborhood who is from New Zealand and he walks around collecting them and then take them home and makes a salad or something. Love it! He can come to my yard anytime...(as long as I haven't sprayed recently!)

Teachinfourth said...

It's all about the eye of the beholder, isn't it? Of course, the situation makes a big difference, too.

Sybrina said...

You should move to Boulder! There was seriously a campaign there once to "save the dandelions". An apartment complex there was taking some rap for having the audacity to spray them. Apparently, the people there preferred their dandelions to be removed the old fashioned way -hand picked.

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