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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Now My Thumbs Hurt

Pin It Just so you know, I am totally writing this delinquent post from my cell phone as I sit in the outpatient lab of my local hospital. I have been fasting since last night so that I could come here and drink 10 ounces of syrupy-sweet orange nastiness in order to be tested for gestational diabetes.

This is the definition of misery for me...

Today is Allen's birthday. As is tradition for our family, the kids and I woke up early to make a hearty breakfast-in-bed for him. Wheat and honey pancakes with fresh-whipped cream and raspberries, eggs, sausage and a tall glass of cold orange juice. Just writing all of that out was painful. Did I mention that I am fasting?

This is the definition of torture for me...

However. As my sleepy-eyed crew and I delivered our breakfast creation to our much loved and appreciated husband/father while singing "Happy birthday to you!" I had an overwhelming feeling of indescribable joy and appreciation for this family that I am blessed to call mine. The fact that we are able to add to this happiness by adding to our brood makes the misery and torture bearable.

So, despite my queasy stomach this morning, I would have to say that today has really been my definition of bliss.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

You should be commended for posting this thru your phone..omg...and the fact that u made this breakfast and was probably drooling over it since u couldn't have any.... Hope the test comes back w/flying colors...

Sue said...

You are such a good wife to make that breakfast when you are fasting. Talk about selfless sacrifice! ;)

I've had the diabetes testing before, and you're right. It is nasty. Probably even more so when pregnant. Ugh.

Hang in!


Rachel said...

Oooooh! I hate that test!! I can't drink orange soda because of those stupid things.

Good luck to you today!

I'd have given a rain check on the whole breakfast thing........ way to be a woman! A good one at that! :D

Anaise said...

Ugh! Don't drink the orange flavor--choose the lemon/lime or even the cola flavor (it was once offered as the "only one left"). They're awful, but not as awful as the orange!

I really hope you're in the clear.

And Happy Birthday to Alan.

Gerb said...

KBF- I'll admit, I was pretty proud of myself for posting through my phone. It helped the time pass more quickly, which was a good thing!

Sue- Well, he's a pretty good husband, too. And I did get to choose the day I went in for the testing, so it was really my own fault. I had just put it off for almost 3 weeks and needed to get it done!

Rachel- I am the same. Orange soda just doesn't do it for me anymore. Blech. The first time I took the test the doctor told me I would have to drink some stuff that tasted like orange soda... I was pretty disappointed when it just tasted like nastiness!

Anaise- You have OPTIONS?! I have never been given a choice. It's always been orange or nothing.

Susan Tipton said...

I enjoyed your definition of bliss:)

Next time ask about the jelly belly option. It still made me feel queasy to eat so many jelly beans so quickly- but it beats the soda hands-down.

Just SO said...

I hope your thumbs have recovered, that you were able to get something good to eat and that the test turned everything up normal.

Lori said...

ICK!! I HATE that part of pregnancy. The stuff they make us drink in this part of the country tastes like straight Mountain Dew fountain syrup...with the sugar intake multiplied by about a thousand.

And I have to say, you are really making the rest of us look delinquent. Making breakfast while fasting! Blogging while going through that! You are totally my hero.

Rock on.

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