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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Girl Scouted Some Cookies

Pin It I somewhat fondly remember my days as a Brownie Girl Scout, going door to door in hopes of selling enough cookies to earn a ticket to the annual trip to Disneyland with my troop. I always emerged triumphant, often out-selling the rest of the girls and earning the coveted '400+ cookie sales' badge to proudly display on my sash.

The cost of Girl Scout Cookies has changed dramatically from the time I was selling them, which I suppose is expected. Now that I'm on the purchasing end I willingly shell out my cold, hard cash for a substantial stash of Samoas which I can ration out to myself until they are available for sale once again.

Okay, let's be honest... they never last longer than about two months.

Alright. One month.

FINE! They don't even last a week. And then I'm driving all around the neighborhood, pulling up to the Girl Scout Cookie tables in front of every grocery store and Stuff Mart in town, yelling out my window like a crazed lunatic, "HEY! GIRL SCOUT! PLEASE? DO YOU STILL HAVE ANY SAMOAS LEFT?!" in hopes that they haven't sold out.

Why, oh why do they only hold their cookie sale once a year? Also, what is it about buying them that makes me feel like I'm being conned into a "Once-a-year opportunity! Act now before they're gone!" sort of deal?

Well, Girl Scouts, I've got news for you. My days of stockpiling a stash of Girl Scout Cookies in the back of my freezer every year are over!

OVER, I say!!

Last week I was perusing the snack aisle at the grocery store when what to my wondering eyes should appear? Girl Scout Cookie knock-offs!

I thought it was too good to be true, but at the screaming deal of 3/$5, I couldn't resist a little taste test of my family's top 3 flavors. And guess what?

I am in love.

I would even go so far as to say that the store-bought knock-offs are better. More flavorful. And most importantly: available year-round.

Don't worry Girl Scouts, I'll still buy a couple of your boxes when you come knocking at my door once a year. I have too many memories of people saying no to me when I was in your shoes. But when you show up this year I won't have that crazed, sign-me-up-for-twenty-before-it's-too-late!! look in my eyes... because way in the back of the bottom shelf of my freezer, behind some freezer-burned venison and nestled inside an empty bag of mixed vegetables, my personal stash of elfin-made Coconut Dreams will be replenished and waiting for me.

Samoas, you have met your match.


Shannon said...

I have no problem saying no to the Keebler Elves as they sit there on the Safeway shelf with their puppy dog eyes - it's the Scouts that I cannot deny! There is exactly ONE Girl Scout that has the monopoly of business at the Tucson gun shows because her parents are loyal vendors. We don't have to order, she already has them set up and waiting for us when we arrive. Just when I think I've got the system licked and vow to go nowhere near her table, here she comes with a FLATBED DOLLY FULL of boxes...table to table...one sucker at a time. Samoas for Papa Bear, Thin Mints for me. Thankfully, there are no Girl Scouts 35 miles out of town and there are only a few gun shows during cookie season. Blast you Girl Scouts!!

(No cookies, whether Scout or Elf...make it to the freezer in this house. I commend your self-control!)

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I remember Thin Mints being bigger and having actual mint filling ... that was the old days... Have u noticed how GS cookies have shrunk in size? yet price has jumped high? Sheesh....

MBGITWWR said...

I have yet to see the store knock-off for Samoas! I can't tell you how eternally grateful I am for this post. You are Heaven sent! Looks like shopping day may be coming a couple days early. :)

Rachel said...

I hated selling those things. I would beg my mom to buy me out! She never did. But I do remember oh so well, finding her stash frozen in the back of the freezer and for some reason, Thin Mints always tasted better frozen and eaten on the sly.

I find that they still do. I'm going to have to try the elf version.

Sybrina said...

Love it! Love it! Full heartedly agree the Keebler versions just might be a bit better! I had no idea they also had the Tagalong and Thin Mint versions, though! And, your idea to stash them inside a frozen vegie bag- GENIUS! I will definitely have to use that! Enjoy your cookies!

Gerb said...

Shannon - I like that you used the line, "Blast you Girl Scouts!!" after talking about buying them at the Gun Show. ;)

KBF- Doesn't it seem like there are less GS Cookies in the package as time goes on, too? These knock-offs just get more and more appealing!

MBG- I tried to buy more today but the store I got them at previously is now sold out! I'm planning to check another store later tonight. I'm hoping that eventually they won't be such a temptation.

Rachel- The Grasshopper cookies are the BEST frozen! Come try a few here if you'd like. I still have some of those left...

Sybrina- I think I'm enjoying them a bit too much!

Teachinfourth said...

Let's hear it for those things in life that we shouldn't enjoy but do… mostly because they're so bad for us. I'm glad that you found a way to feed your addiction through the entire year.

Maleen said...

You have made me one of the happiest ladies alive today. I am going shopping tomorrow.

A Lark said...

Cool! Thanks for the heads up. Samoas are my favorite, too.

Richard & Natalie said...

Three cheers for the destruction of the Girl Scouts monopoly on Samoas!

Mel said...

Seems a little cheeky of the Keebler Elves to horn in the Girl Scout territory. But I have to admit I'll take thin mints whenever I can get 'em.

Lori said...

Girl. Did you for real not know that the Keebler elves made Girl Scout knock-offs? Or maybe Girl Scouts actually started making Keebler knock-offs...who knows? They've been around for a loooong time. I love those minty-ones, though. Thems my favrites. I buy a few boxes each from all of the different little scouts to support the economy, but I largely support Keebler, I have to confess.

Gerb said...

Lori - I knew about the Grasshopper cookies, but that was it. Have the Coconut Dreams been around forever, too?

Lori said...

Gerb--I don't pay a lot of attention to the coconut cookies (don't eat those!), but I do actually think those are fairly new. The others have been around. :)

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