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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Rain

Pin It The music flooded the interior of my car as I drove; it was far too much to be contained in that tiny space. I opened the windows and allowed it to soar into the vast openness around me; swirling with the wind and allowed it to be set free in the moment. I’ve come to realize in my life that some music needs the open air and freedom to breathe, and the best thing we can do in moments like these is to give the music what it needs.

This song most certainly qualified.

As I moved through the secluded, shadow-dappled streets, the reminders of Halloween were swarming all around me. They were evidenced in the glistening cobwebs stretched between porch columns, the scarecrows lounging on neighborhood fences, and in the Jack-o-lanterns grinning from solitary doorsteps. I grinned back at them as I thought of the Halloween yet to come in just a few more days.

I’ve always loved this holiday, more so than any other. There is something magical about it. After all, what could possibly contend with dressing up and becoming someone or something else for an entire day?

That’s right, nothing can.

The music continued to saturate the outside world as a flock of birds burst from the power line above me, like a load of shotgun pellets peppered against an ashen-cloud sky. They wheeled and spun in a perfect formation, alighting back their places again, like nothing at all had happened to upset them.

I focused on the road ahead, but my mind tumbled backward down memory road; back to a Halloween at my own elementary school. Wisps of memory whirled to and fro as the wind buffeted my recollections about—as easily as a feather in the wind. Glimpses of black-frostinged cupcakes and spook allies came to mind—as well as late nights of trick-or-treating in the hopes of gleaning as many sweets as possible. I smiled as I dwelt on these memories of Halloweens past; remembering the moments which had led me to the here and now.

As I came back to reality I pulled my vehicle into the parking lot across the street from my school, parking under the towering Maple trees. As I emerged from my car, a gold and crimson rain fell all around me, showering me in a kaleidoscope of effervescent hues which dripped, melded, and ran together in the falling leafflakes; a Halloween rain.

I smiled as I shuffled my way toward the building. As the leaves skittered around my feet and followed my path, it was yet another pleasant reminder of the many Halloweens I’d experienced before in my life…as well as the many more which were yet to come.

…and still the music played.


shoezimm said...

My trip home was heralded with leaves rushing before my car like a harvest carpet being laid out just for me....hours on end of autumnal swirl, the heavenly scent of rain on the air...and the music.

Glad you could have that this morning.

Mamma has spoken said...

Here's to more Halloween rains and days of carefree memories of the past and things to come!

Richard & Natalie said...

What else can be said about this favorite of all favorite holidays that you have not already written...except maybe- HALLOWEEN ROCKS!
What a great autumnal experience.

PMC said...

i like that song....rain...leaves....missing that...

Denae said...

I was walking to class to day and there was an endless sea of leaves ahead of me. I crunched my way all the way to the door. I loved how all 5 of my senses brought back wonderful memories of running along sidewalks with friends, trying to keep my costume together, keeping track of my goods so that my brothers couldn't snatch their favorites from my bag.. good times.

I love how simple little things like crunching leaves under your feet can bring such joy.

Thanks for sharing some of your joy.

Rachel said...

Hey! I commented earlier. A biiiiig comment. How come it isn't here??? Huh???? Huh????

Gerb said...

I love that phrase 'Halloween Rain'. I drove through some Halloween rain 'puddles' in the street today and watched in my rear view mirror as the leaves shot up and trailed behind my vehicle for a bit.

Isn't autumn awesome?

Teachinfourth said...

Shawna - I can only imagine that it was glorious!

Bonnie - Amen to many more!

Natalie - You too, have captured the beauty of the season. Rock, it does.

Denae - I am always amazed at how a song, smell, or simply a taste of something can bring back a rush of yesterday to us; it seems that the past is all around.

Rachel - I'm not sure why your comment isn't here. I'm just checking in to the site (busy day today) and haven't noticed anything...did you submit it?

I wonder if some Internet gremlins or mischief-makers are responsible?

I'd hate to ask you to post it again if it were long, but I'd love to know what it was you said...

Gerb - I love to wade in those, up past my ankles. I think that we really deserve to have two autumns, you know? One in the fall and another one in the spring.

Corine said...

I was just admiring the rainbow of fall leaves on the trees and on the ground today. I love fall (though I wish I could have it a bit warmer)!

My daughter Mindy would totally agree with you about Halloween. She, like you ;o, loves drama, pretending, and dressing up! It is great the way she creates costumes herself and makes them so authentic and totally awesome.

Lars said...

Driving home today from the local college where I work the streets were flooded with leaves it made me want to go out and jump in them. Unfortunately they are still soggy from yesterday's downpour. Fall is glorious and Halloween is the capstone.

P.S. Your "some music needs air" comment made me think of the movie Elizabethtown....amazing music to be found there.

Anaise said...

I hate Halloween . . . but now I'm rethinking my position . . .

SO said...

Love this song.

I haven't had the heart to really reminisce about Halloween's gone by. I'm not all that excited about Halloween this year. I haven't even gotten out my decorations. Not sure why. Maybe because I'm stressed about having to plan a ward party on it instead of enjoying it. Next year our party will not be on Halloween.

On a happier note. Please tell me that you are in the process of writing a book or something! Please. Please. Please. I love your writing style.

Jenny said...

Good song which brought back good memories and filled me good anticipation all while reading your AWESOME imagery.

Jenny said...


please add to my above comment for red-penned G

Gerb said...

Jenny- What makes you think I noticed? ;)

Deo Volente said...

I love the rain; be it from the burst of cloud or the shiver of trees. Each has a sound that calls out to you...much like that of your music begging to be free. Happy Halloween Teachinfourth.

Teachinfourth said...

Corine - The fall leaves do become a rainbow of sorts, don't they...

Lars - Soggy leaves are not quite as much fun as those which are not. Elizabethtown? I saw that movie awhile ago...I really enjoyed it. Good music can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Shanna - I know what you mean about not being excited about the holiday at times, I've been there before, but right now, it is something I am SO excited about.

Writing a book? The story of life?

To be honest, I've written several, but they probably will never see the light of day. They are all books for young readers and picture books. My most recent endeavor: http://teachinfourth.blogspot.com/2009/02/depths.html is still landlocked on chapter 10ish and I haven't made the time to finish it.

I know. I need to...

Jenny - Thanks for stopping by, also for letting me know that you did so.

DV - Thanks, and Happy Halloween to you too, Deo!

Kathy V said...

I have been completely entracnced by the beauty this autumn. Is it more beautiful than usual? You have certainly done well at putting the beauty into words.

I love F4F, too. I'm not sure I've heard that song before. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy V said...

Well I botched my best effort at being eloquent.

That would be "entranced"
Why is it you can never see those things until it's too late?

Teachinfourth said...

Do'nt worre, Kathy, I do the saamme thing tooh. Wone dayh I'll catche theme all.

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