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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn Knocking

Pin It Autumn taps at my door.

I listen to it speak in the gently howling wind, which chases the gangs of vibrant leaves huddled together on the sidewalks.

It’s clear in the honking of sluggish geese as they fly in their ragged ‘V’ southward, toward temperate weather—leaving graying skies behind in their wake.

It stands patiently outside my window in the form of a large locust tree; its golden leaves standing amidst a fireworkian displayed background of others in the park behind my house—the view I am blessed to see each and every day.

I’ve watched this grand ‘changing of the guard’ every season of my life, but most recently with this particular tree as it coats itself with a myriad of leaves in the spring, like a newly-dappled collection of Christmas ornaments. It stands and shelters park-goers from the sweltering summer sun June through August. At the closing of the season—and the commencement of the new—it gives birth to an array of vivid colors; golden hues ignite as its leaves flush in tawny bursts in the setting sun.

As I stand at my window and gaze at this solitary marvel, it brings to mind dozens of these changings I’ve seen in the course of my life; I wonder how many more of them I’ll be permitted to take pleasure in. It makes me determined even further to relish each and every one. I breathe in the moment, and as the swirling of autumn leaves rustle around me, I find myself again transported to a time and place which seems not so far away, or so distant ago.

“We go round and round and round in the circle game.”

And in my mind’s eye, I see the young boy who stands amidst a rain of falling color and buries himself in the gloriously thickening storm of nature’s leaves.

Here’s to many more burning of autumns to come, and further rounds upon the carousel of life. Let us enjoy each and every ride we are permitted to take.

Image garnered from Gettyimages


Richard & Natalie said...

Brilliant. And here's to the master "operator"- may we be permitted many more enjoyable rounds.

Gerb said...

One of my favorite things about autumn is the beautiful fall colors & the blankets of colorful leaves covering the ground. Leaves turn me into a child again; shuffling my feet through them, kicking them, throwing them as high as I can. I love this season.

Rachel said...

Yesterday as I sat looking out the window I was caught up in a moment of pure joy watching Kirsten, Matthew, and Levi out playing in the blowing leaves.

The wind was gusting and the kids were playing tag with the wind and the leaves. Levi had a stick and he was batting the leaves along in the gutter next to the street. It was one of those moments that you watch and lock away safely to pull out and remember again one day. A day when all was well and filled with the laughter of children and falling leaves.

jayniemoon said...

I am feeling more and more the desperate need to cling to the time before it passes while I blink. It goes so quickly--I have to remind myself to slow down and stop being busy so I can "have" my seasons. Thanks for a beautifully written reminder!

Lars said...

Oh how I love Fall and all that comes with it. You captured it wonderfully in your post. So very true on taking the time to enjoy each season since one never knows when it may be their last.

Meg said...

I thought fall was going skip right over my area. Today felt like fall. My dad raked the leaves and me and Gage played in them. I love having a kid so I can do all the kid things again.

EarlGirl said...

Gorgeous mental pictures. Great post!

Teachinfourth said...

Natalie - I hope to enjoy many more rides...there is still so much more I wish to see.

Gerb - Autumn is also my favorite season. If we could enjoy it for a few more months with its beautiful emblazoned colors, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Here's to shuffling one's feet and wading through leaves!

Rachel - I certainly hope that you utilize your camera as well as your memory for moments such as this; another reason I love the zoom lens.

Thanks for your words, they are beautiful and once-again remind me of times past.

Jayne - "We can't return, we can only look behind from where we came." It kind of makes you want to cling to these moments a little tighter than you did before, doesn't it?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comment.

Lars - When I stop to think of how many of these wonderful seasons I've already been gifted in my life, I have so much to be thankful for; I am so selfish to want even more.

Meg - I'm so glad that you're back into the 'cyber' world and are still out there enjoying the 'real' world at the same time. I hope there's many more leafpiles for you and Gage in the coming years.

E-Girl - Thanks for reading; thanks also for the comment. Fall is the season I love the most (if you weren't able to gather that from what you read...).

Corine said...

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year! Though, this year, the leaves are slower to change and the temperatures seem to be cooling more quickly; what is up with that?! I think late summer temperatures combined with falling colored leaves would be just dandy!

PS. Isn't it great the way seasons and experiences just circle over and over again? :)
It makes living so exciting! :D

SO said...

We drove up the canyon on Sunday and were able to catch a small glimpse of the beauty of fall. In the lower portions the leaves were still ablaze but we had missed the gold of the aspens. *sigh* Thankfully there is a circle and, God willing, I will be able to see that gold next year.

And burying myself in leaves was one of my favorite things of Fall. Now? Not so much.

Teachinfourth said...

Corine - Sometimes it's nice to have a 'repeat performance' of sorts, you know?

Shanna - Leaf buryage is a wondrous pastime; even if it is only to relive the memory.

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