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Friday, October 23, 2009

Gifts of the Manguy


I am a man's man. If it's broken, I can probably fix it. If I can't fix it, I'll tell my wife that it was not worth it anyway and we needed a new one. If the kids are running around the house naked, it's probably my fault, but I feign ignorance and just give a dopey look. I like to camp, look for a sweet deal on Ebay, and refuse to watch that show that everybody else is watching - yeah, you know the one.

Last Christmas my wife and I decided to only purchase one large gift for each other. This would take place of several small gifts, stocking stuffers, and various other knickknacks which seem to be a part of the holidays. Well, I knew what my wife wanted; she wanted a new dining room table and chairs—I know this because she’d been asking for one to replace the one our kids had been destroying for years. This was going to be the year that she’d finally get that set.

However, once I arrived at Sears, I was passing through the hardware department and what should capture my eye? Nothing other than a beautiful Jet 10-inch, ProShop Contractor-Style Table saw; complete with ¾ horsepower and an arbor speed of 3600 RPM. I won’t lie. I stood there for quite some time admiring this little beauty. It was absolutely perfect, and would be a great addition to my shop. The only problem was my wife would most likely not pick the right one.

I finally pried myself from the tools and wandered to the furniture department were I was met by half-a-dozen pushy sales folk, and far too many dinette sets to be sure which of them would best be suited for my wife of so many years. I knew that I would also have to make sure that whichever I picked matched the tile, wall color, and the placemats that we already owned. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Well, there was nothing for it. So I decided to do the only thing that I could think of; I walked back to the hardware department and purchased the new ProShop Tablesaw with 3 1/8 in. maximum depth cut and 21-inch crosscutting for my sweetheart for her Christmas present; and she in turn bought me the dinette set that I’d always wanted.


Gerb said...

Perfect idea. I may have to implement a new tradition around our house at Christmas!

Mamma has spoken said...

Aw, you know each other well, that's a good thing!

Richard & Natalie said...

Great story & idea!

Anaise said...

Well, if you want something done right, you might as well do it yourself . . . right?

Merry Christmas!

PMC said...

lol. fabulous. now that is real life. i think i will read it to my husband and then go buy myself that chair set for our front porch....

Corine said...

LOL! :D Not very romantic... but... very practical; I'll give you that! :) At least you got what you wanted!

Ryan said...

Gerb, it really does work!

Mama, (I feel so strange for calling you that) It is good to know a spouse so well that it works out all for the better.

Richard & Natalie, it was more of a comfort zone rather than a story-finder. It's just a good thing that I know her so well.

Anaise, you couldn't be more right on that one. If we all bought our own gifts, we'd never be disappointed.

PMC, I think that is a great idea only as long as HE gets to make the purchase he really should.

Corine, it can be romantic if we eat dinner together at the table and if I let her use the saw occasionally.

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