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Monday, September 21, 2009

The speed of mice

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I have decided there is a separate speed for mice. Forget breaking the sound barrier. I cannot be overly impressed with that accomplishment when I compare it to the phenomenal ‘speed of mice’.

As I watched one of those little silver bullets streak across the road in the lighted path my headlights provided early one morning I thought of fast twitch muscles—of a blink. In crossing a road to get to the other side, a field mouse can break the ‘blink of an eye’ barrier. I know they have legs under that torpedo, and I know those legs are scuttling sixty, but I stand amazed at the fact that I can never see any movement. I think mice come the closest to the speed of thought than any other critter I can think of.


Teachinfourth said...

I can recall many a time driving out to 'the homestead' and seeing those little gray and brown projectiles shoot themselves across the roadway.

Impressive to be sure.

Gerb said...

Once, when a mouse jumped onto my torso and almost made it down my shirt, I believe I also reached the Speed of Mice in trying to shake it off of me. (*shudder*)

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