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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Response to "I'll Park Here" (aka "The Parking Space")


The ninth of ten children, I now find myself the father of six. Currently attending law school and frequently the subject of his wife's blog topics, I have been an IT professional, student, and hockey coach for the community youth league. I enjoy both time with the family and meandering through parking lots searching for the 'perfect spot.'

While I may pass up a parking stall on occasion; when I park, I park straight, within the lines, and all the way to the front (or back depending on direction). My parking jobs have been admired for their perfect symmetry and I'm sure that more than one tape-measure-clad workman has secretly used that measuring tape to satisfy the urge to verify the perfect park job.

So, while the content and message of the previous post are generally accurate - despite no recollection on my part of picking up the mail and immediately proposing - one cannot argue with the level of commitment to my stall or exactness of my park job. The type of exactness that is the envy of others who have parked their cars less carefully and now find themselves with dings in their doors, slashes in their tires, or who find themselves vacating their stall altogether.

Maybe Hollywood IS more romantic...but no one can argue with perfect results.


madiwink said...

Love your reply post! I hadn't thought of the positive side of taking your time to find the perfect parking spot! I guess it's a good characteristic after all!! The world needs more loyal parkers.

Richard & Natalie said...

Paul, It is the perfect rebuttal. And we love you being the subject of Misty's posts. You're not only the perfect parking space, but great material to write about. Miss you guys.

Linda said...

Touché - perfect! What fun!! You two are awesome!! I can't wait to hear what comes next!!

Rachel said...

:D You two crack me up! Miss you guys tons!!!

Corine said...

Great post! I enjoyed your wife's too.

While I do think it is wise to choose your parking lot carefully, now and then someone finds the "perfect spot" quite quickly... and still lands it with perfect precision and loylty! (Thank God! because my husband landed me in four months flat from first date to a temple wedding - 20 years ago):D

PMC said...

awwww....look, here is my little hubby, all grown up and famous. how cute! ;) lol

Melissa said...

Love it!

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