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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cupcakes and Crusties...

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My got a call from a friend of mine the other night to go out on a cupcake run at about 8:30. You see, my friend – who will remain anonymous so as to protect his identity (got you covered, Marc) - is a chef and has an obsession for these things – plus the fact that his wife had a craving.

I threw on my jacket and met him outside. I hopped into his car and we sped off to the Sweet Tooth Fairy – the place his wife loves - only to discover that they were closed for the evening.

“Ugh, were can we get cupcakes now?” He asked and then added, “Good cupcakes.” Before I could mention any of the local grocery stores with their whipped lard frostings of nastiness.

“There’s a place I saw the other day over by Brigham’s Landing,” I said, “The Cocoa Bean…or something like that.”

We sped across town to find the small café-like shop where, upon walking in, we were greeted by the other patrons with disdainful, crusty looks…it felt like they were prejudging us, and deciding that we just weren't quite worthy of the high caliber cupcakes of said establishment. They returned to their whispered conversations but continued to shoot us covert looks from over their laptops and mochachinos.

What the heck was up with these people?

We bought a half dozen assorted cupcakes and then walked out to the car, still catching the crusty glances from the people in the café.

When we arrived back at my friend’s house, he proceeded to tell his wife about the strange reception we’d received from the regulars. Upon hearing the story she simply asked, “Well, did you guys walk in holding hands or something?”

That’s when it hit me…two grown men walking into a custom cupcake café at 8:30 at in the evening…without a woman in sight?

Yeah, enough said.

Image shamelessly shanghaied from: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/


Bits-n-Pieces said...

hey...ya do whatcha gotta do to score cupcakes!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

LOL, well if that store was in Cali, u guys wouldn't have gotten those looks...lol...unless the place was known as a 'chick' place?

Rachel said...

Seriously? Two men can't walk into an establishment of any sort now a days without being 'hooked up'?

I wouldn't have thought twice....

Sand Castles and Snow Forts said...

Your video made me smile, and this made me laugh!

diane rene said...

that's so wrong. hubby says he and his friend get dirty looks when they are out christmas shopping (for us wives) together every year.

and we ARE in cali!

I don't even understand the type of mind that would look at 2 men together and think "gay". it makes no sense to me, but maybe it's because I don't care? lol

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

If it makes you feel any better, my hubby had a couple of guy friends, engineers, who were instructed to go buy condoms for some pipe ends for a engineering project. Something about the condoms were the perfect material for what was needed.

They walked into the store together, bought the condoms, and left.

Only to show up a couple hours later after being informed they got the wrong size.

They returned the ones they had originally bought and had to get a smaller size.

I still don't know why they would go together. One of them should have stayed in the car. :D

MBGITWWR said...

Hahahah! Nice. What a lovely evening for you. :) Let me know how the cupcakes were. My sister knows the owner and raves about them, but I really wonder how good they REALLY are.

Shannon said...

I'm glad the looks were crusty and not the cupcakes! Some people...sheesh!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

P.S. I'm not saying that one of you guys should have stayed in the car. Because that would be ridiculous. Nothing wrong with buying cupcakes.

Connie said...

At least you got some cupcakes and maybe gave the regulars something to talk about in their hum drum lives!

Teachinfourth said...

B&P - And the cupcakes were pretty good...

KBF - I don't think it was a 'chick' place, but maybe we just weren't quite cool enough to be there. You know, not wearing sweaters or sporting laptops.

R - I guess not.

SC - Who can't smile when they see the Mickey Mouse Club?

D - Assumptions...

S - I'd have stayed in the car.

MBGITWWR - They were actually pretty good. The frosting was amazing. My friend said it was because they were made with lard.

S - I think the cupcakes were fresh that day...

S - I also wanted to make sure I got the time I wanted.

C - I hope that that wasn't my 15 minutes of fame.

Richard & Natalie said...

I'm sorry TF, but this made me laugh...so typical of good ol' Happy Valley.
I would like to try the Cocoa Bean's cupcakes...maybe I'll send you and Richard to get me some and see if you get the same reaction. :)

Farscaper said...

Geesh! Sometimes (a lot of the time) people spend too much time worrying about things that just don't matter. Who cares even if you two were a "thing". How does shooting invisible daggers across the room going to accomplish anything?

And... why "crusty looks"? Why not eyes popping and jaws dropping? You could have had some fun then. Throw a jelly bean or two in those dropped jaws.

If people would spend half the time worrying about their own "issues" then what they spend worrying about everyone elses... the world would be a pretty ok place (less divorce, happier kids, stable relationships, etc..)

Mamma has spoken said...

Having a gay nephew who happens to live in Salt Lake City, I find this story very entertaining. Especially since in this area it's too red neck to think that.

M-Cat said...

That made me laugh OUT LOUD!

I'm sure my nephew knows all about the Cocoa Bean, and since he is the souz chef at LogHaven, he would likely have given you a crusty as well.

I'll apologize for him on his behalf.

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Probably wouldn't have got as strange looks in our neighborhood.

But wait, this was at a coffee house? That kinda surprises me then.

Still funny as heck.

autoscreens said...

I can imagine that it also tastes great. Cupcakes to testy

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