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Friday, July 23, 2010

It's all Quite Simple


I'm a New Zealander who has lived in Italy for the past four years. I have two beautiful kids, and a hot husband! I love, love, love to write. I am very passionate about books and the outdoors. I am a seeker, I hope I may inspire my children to be such also.

I watched the full moon rise above the hill behind our house tonight. It was gorgeous. The sky tinged blue above the trees as if a somber sun was rising. Yesterday I pulled up lettuce from our garden and made a big, lush salad. I took a long walk in the rain and held my face up to the sky. I closed my eyes to listen to a bird's song. I smiled at a spider making its way down our hall. I took my shoes off to walk in grass. I sat on a hill to watch black storm clouds rush across the blue sky.

I simply love this world around me.

There's a tree on our neighbour's property that I adore. I made friends with them originally just so I could go see this particular tree. Fortunately they are really nice, but I'm sure I would have allowed anyone to visit that tree if it belonged to me. It stands amongst the others like a wise old chief. I spent a lovely hour of this afternoon lying under it.

I grew up being entertained, inspired, and quite nearly babysat by the trees.

Growing up in a tiny, country community on the West Coast of New Zealand meant an absolute abundance of virgin earth to play in with my friends. Beyond that, however, it kindled within me a poetic spirit. I am filled with awe on a daily basis, and I need only walk the same simple wooded hill near my home to enjoy this. I may marvel at the same thing today as I did yesterday.

The same tree, my quiet Chief, the same blades of grass, wildflowers, rolling hills; but they never do look the same to me. With the glorious flowing seasons, and ever-changing shades of light from minute to minute, the landscape around us can be our constant 'change of scene' that so many of us desire in perilous and insatiable amounts. The intimacy that may be cultivated in rediscovering over and over again that the beauty in one simple patch of our good Earth is awesome. With our current economic and environmental situation would it not be a gift to ourselves - to our world - to reteach ourselves to be more easily pleased? To feel holiday-kissed after our daily walk in the park? After our evening walk with the kids? After a cup of tea in our own back garden?

I enjoy travel, and have traveled a bit, much more than some, much less than many. I've discovered many beautiful places, but it is the places I know as well as a dear friend that I am truly inspired by; the places I've seen in countless (but hardly all) shades of light. It's the places I've seen in rain, dew, frost, and sun that move me so deeply.

Tomorrow I'm planning a trip, I'm heading down the hill to lie under my favourite tree. Perhaps the wind will be blowing the leaves about, perhaps a bird has made a nest, the sunlight will do what it will to gift me with diversity, and I need not go far from home.


Shawna said...

Rebecca, I have often tried to put into words the awe and wonder this sweet little planet inspires in me (why can't more people see how utterly amazing this world is?!) We all need a tree of our own (mine is in another state unfortunately) or some special spot where we can just relax from our hectic lives. What a treat to be able to drink in this delicious post...thank you for sharing!

Anaise said...

I used to lie under our tree and look up in wonder . . . I haven't taken time to do that lately . . . I'd forgotten.

You've inspired me.

Lori said...

Aw, Rebecca. This is such a lovely post. Such beautiful word-pictures...I felt as if I was there with you beneath the spreading branches of your Chief.

What a point you make about appreciating the simple things in life, and what a perfect time summer is for doing so--we have gardens for sinking our fingers into and pulling up rich, abundant life, connecting with it, getting to the root of it, really.

Wonderful post.

On another note, I had the great pleasure to be in Rome, Capri, and Orvieto this past April--what a treat! I've just managed to finish editing my photos and publishing them to my Facebook page. I'm sure I'll get around to getting a small portion of the 500+ on my personal blog, but you're welcome to friend me on FB and peek if you're interested. The name is Lori Wray White--just reference 4Ps so I'll know who you are. ;)

Becky said...

Thanks Shawna, Its a must-have, a tree of your own!!
Anaise, Im pleased Ive reminded you of that, its too precious to forget,
Thanks Lori, I will look you up... Im really happy you liked my post, it was such a pleasure writing for Four Perspectives!
Peace all

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