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Thursday, September 6, 2012

From Jenn

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"Come on, you guys!  Come and see...it's perfect!  Hurry!"  It was Jason, calling down to us from up the hill.  He called again, "Hurry!  It's going to be gone!  The LIGHT...it's perfect!"  It was a breath-taking fall evening in Provo Canyon.  Jason had led us in and out and all around the canyon, bush-wacking the entire way, for several hours while taking our family pictures.  As the sun began to set, Jason had felt a sense of urgency and scrambled up a hill ahead of us.  Our whole family was lagging behind.  My daughter was in the bushes having the stomach flu and another kid had taken off his shoes, etc. etc.  The sun was slipping.  We struggled to catch up to Jason and when we did, he said, "Well, we missed the perfect light...but it's alright, it will still be awesome."  His camera started clicking again and he was right, it was awesome.  See, that was what was so great about Jason:  the light!  He saw the light.  Not just behind the camera, but the light in the people he knew and in God's creation.  And anyone who knew Jason, even just a bit, could not miss his own bright light that drew so many people to him.  Now that the sun has set on Jason's life and the rest of us lag behind, we get to keep a bit of the light we gained from knowing him.  And, thankfully, as we sang at his Memorial, "There is no end to light."

Shine on.

photo by teachinfourth, Provo Canyon

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