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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Mahwidge. Mahwidge is wot bwings us togevah tooday. 

What are my thoughts on marriage?  In a nutshell, it's pretty great.  I remember being single and feeling sorry for married people but what I have now I wouldn't trade for the single life.  Is married life perfect?  No.  But part of what creates a bond between Allen and I is the experiences, both good and bad, which we've shared over our almost 20 years together.  I like this picture I've seen floating around on the internet:

I feel like it offers some sound advice.

On Monday I went to visit my Dad's grave.  The cemetery here is amazing over Memorial Day weekend.  It is blanketed with a whole rainbow of colors as flowers are lovingly placed in remembrance of those who have left us.  As I made my way to my Dad's little spot of ground, I was almost immediately sad to see that his stone was bare.  No flowers had been left.  I don't know why it struck me as it did, but I had a difficult time keeping my composure as I set down my paper cup filled with flowers I had gathered from my front yard right next to his name.

I thought about how terribly painful it has been for me to have my father absent from my life over the past 11 years and realized how much more difficult it must be for my Mom who had shared so many years with him in marriage.

As kids my brothers and sister and I saw my parents go through some serious hard times.  I even legitimately wondered sometimes if things were going to work out between them - but they always did.  Do you think my Mom remembers those times?  I'm sure she does.  But the thing she remembers most is the happiness and good times.  Above all else, she remembers the love.  And I realized that love is a constant thing, not something only represented by flowers or the absence of them.  Love remains when the one you love is no longer physically there. 

Is marriage always easy?  Heck no.  It's about finding the time to show love and respect for your spouse.  Sometimes it's even a matter of being willing to make sacrifices in your own life, often difficult sacrifices, for your spouse's happiness.  It's about working together toward a common goal despite what the world throws at you. 

But in my opinion, it's all totally worth it.

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Rachel said...

Amen sista! Amen!!

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