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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Four Perspectives - We're Back...and Better than Ever

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Dear Friends,

To those of you who’ve faithfully kept us in your readers—and maintained your subscriptions over the stint where we all went to radio silence—we thank you.

You’ve probably been wondering where we’ve all gone; well it’s been life you see. Each of us has been so preoccupied with our own daily happenings that Four Perspectives was kind of put on the back burner—but not forgotten.

This is a post to let you know that Lori, Mel, Gerb, and I got together and rethought the purpose of Four Perspectives. We wanted to freshen it up—as well as give ourselves topics to write to. You see, in the past we all wrote whatever we felt like and very seldom—if ever—did our topics coincide with each other’s. Well, we decided to start rotating a job of picking topics between the four of us, and then each write to that area of focus—every other week (or more often if we feel up to it).

I know, crazy isn’t it?

We’ll let you know a week in advance (just under that amazing top bar) what the upcoming theme will be, and we invite you to write to whatever it is as well. The readers’ posts that are selected will be run on Friday, as well as days of the next week when we aren’t running our own posts. If we only decide to run one guest for the ensuing week then yours—if chosen—will ride the limelight until we upload our posts to the next topic.

Sounds like a trip to Wonka’s chocolate factory, doesn’t it?

So what’s our first topic?

I’m so glad you asked: “Tell about your favorite childhood book and why it means so much to you.”

Our first posts to this subject will run next week (starting on the 30th) and we’ll go in the same order as our photos on the sidebar. If you feel like submitting a post geared to this topic, we’d love to read it...and you never know, it could wind up getting picked for a guest post. We’ll update the topic for the following set of posts once these start to run.

Also, if you would like to suggest a topic for the perspectives to write about, either email us at fourperspectivesblog.gmail.com OR simply click on the ‘submit topic’ button under the topbar photo. 

Until next week,

The Four Perspectives


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I wondered if you all disappeared!. I will pick my brain for a topic... any topic? oh-oh....

Teachinfourth said...

Nope, we're all still here...just got a bit tangled up in life. It's good to be back.

We look forward to hearing your topic idea.

Cee Tindall said...

Y'all weren't the only ones living life as it happened in real time! I too, have been on blogging respite... but am coming back also! SO glad to see you all again!

Richard & Natalie said...

Hooray! The new format sounds exciting. I am looking forward to read all of your perspectives again.

Mindy said...

I really like the idea behind your new format. Looking forward to seeing all of your responses.

As for your first topic... oh the wealth of titles running through my head now...

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