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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thinking of Home

Pin It I’ve been dwelling lately.

I’ve been thinking about Cloverleaf Beach on the Columbia River.

It’s been on my mind for the past several weeks.

I do a photo meme each week and someone posted a set of images from a trip they took. One of the shots this week reminded me of this little beach I went to all throughout my growing up which is located in Eastern Washington.

The funny thing is that I started to dwell on this even before I saw the image…the photo just made it more pronounced for some reason. This week I started to catch faint whiffs of pine needles and the scent of river air occasionally as I made to go into my house or left my school in the late afternoon/early evening sun—though no pine trees were nearby.

It’s odd, really...after all, I haven’t been to Cloverleaf Beach in years.

If it was feasible, possible, or in all reality if I were able, I’d drive there tonight and sit on the beach. I’d take off my shoes and soak my feet in the cool water. I’d lean back and gaze out at the expanse of the river, allowing the gentle lapping of that shimmering water against sand to ebb and wash away the dust and worries of everyday life.

I’d breathe in the sweet scent of pine pitch heavily laden in air.

I’d soak in the heat wafting from the sand, and burrow my fingers underneath its coarse grains.

I’d listen to the rippling of the water and the cries of birds as the creaking of the old floating dock as it moved about in the center of the swimming area.

I’d wait as darkness fell and the chime of crickets swept over the area like the gentle rolling of thunder down distant canyons.

I’d feel as if I were home.


Mindy said...

I hope you get to do all of that sometime soon.... until then... your words paint a vivid picture of your memories. Thanks for sharing them.

M-Cat said...

beautifully written!

Richard & Natalie said...

There's no place like home...

Shawna said...

Its funny, because I have been thinking of Cloverleaf as well....and that hot pine sap scented air. I have been wondering if it would still look or feel the same if I were to wander back that way again....

Its amazing the way a piece of your childhood can stay with you and the memories be as vivid as if you were just there yesterday.

Karen Peterson said...

I'm grateful for memories, but sometimes I don't like the way they make pleasant things seem so unreachable.

Cedar said...

You really are poetic! I hope you find a way to visit a beach/shore soon!

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