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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blogs, Serials of Society

Pin It Why do I like to read blogs? Interesting question…really.

I guess you could say that I relate blogs as serials of a society. Blogs, like syndicated programs I love to watch, allow me to know more about certain characters, about their interests, quirks, and even moments of frustration and achievement in their day-to-day living. Like favorite programs, I have my favorite blogs as well. However, I look forward to reading all of the blogs on my subscription list (currently at an undisclosed number). Some of these ‘shows’ are on more frequently, while others only have a special which comes on every once and great while (ex; Yancy’s Christmas Special).

In the words of Will from the movie, About a Boy: “The thing is, a person’s life is like a TV show. I was the star of The Will Show. And The Will Show wasn't an ensemble drama. Guests came and went, but I was the regular. It came down to me and me alone…”

Blogs, like shows, have their major and minor characters…those whom we’ve become endeared to—though perhaps we’ve never before met them. They are the characters we laugh with at the good times, mourn with when there’s tragedy, and stand up and cheer for when they rise up against the odds.

You know what though? The ‘show’ would not be worth watching if it weren’t for the good times, as well as the bad. We need both to recognize the other—and to appreciate them. I never feel so good about feeling well as I do right after I’ve just been sick.

There have been times over the pasts few years when some my favorite ‘characters’ have taken a turn for the worst, are met up with insurmountable odds and trials, or quite simply, jumped in the lineup for a cancellation.

I guess I write this because I need to remind myself that a serial does not have a happy ending…at least, not yet. Sure, there are those episodes which make us feel good at the end when the credits start to roll, but there are others which leave us feeling frustrated or upset.

Just know that the writers will eventually get past that particular hurtful episode, and will get it right. But in the meantime, don’t cancel your show just yet.


Rachel said...

Kristen and I were just talking about this. In fact, I was going to blog about it. And still am! So, stay tuned. ;)

Mamma has spoken said...

I enjoy the glimps into the lives of those whose blogs I read. Much better than a reality show.

MBGITWWR said...

I agree with how you feel about reading blogs. It's amazing how you can connect with those in cyberspace. I sometimes regret shutting down the old blog because I want to connect more with people, but alas.... I can't do it. My dramatic life is one that should be kept in place and not broadcasted to the world. Thanks for being brave enough to share with the world.

Lori said...

What a great post. I, too, love the little glimpses of lives I get in reading others' blogs--glimpses that remind me it's not all about me, and that I'm not a singular phenomenon in this big ole world. It's humbling and inspiring.

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