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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Pin It I should have something to say this week.

Really, I should. I should have planned better and taken care of my responsibilities to blog on my day at my regular time.

However, I didn’t.

I could blame it on the fact that I am still down camping in the wilderness and won’t be home until later tonight. I know, I set this to post before I left and wrote it in a hurry amidst packing for my southern expedition. I am such a fickle friend.

Tomorrow morning I leave for California.

I will return though.

I promise.

In the meantime, you can always watch this because it made me laugh. Thanks, Shanna.

Don't worry, I'll be back in full force next week.

Try to smile without me...


Chrissy said...

what part of Cali are u going to? Weather is suppose to be nice.. u missed the rain...if u go on the 405 frwy. u will hate it.. its more crowded than ever.....

Lori said...

Oh, my goodness. I really didn't care much about B. Manilow until just now. That is adorable. What is it about kids?

Have fun in California. I'm going to try to set my blog post to post when I'm in Rome next Monday. The one time I attempted to do that when I first started writing for 4 Ps, it failed to post, so I have no clue whether or not it will actually work. I may end up posting something at 3 am or some random time...I have no clue what the time difference is. :) We shall see!

(And isn't it totally sad that I plan on lugging my laptop halfway across the world with me? Dedication, baby!)

diane rene said...

that kid is too cute. I passed him along to the Manilow fans in my circle ... odd that there would be more than one, right? I mean, maybe if I were, I don't know, in my mid 60s?
have a great time in Cali - the weather is perfect right now!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Ha! If that adorable little boy is such a ham now, just imagine what he'll be like by the time he's a teenager...look out!

Thanks for the smile.

Rachel said...

That is awesome!!! The look on his face when his mom tells him to sing louder. What a riot!

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